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The standard drafting meeting of the technical conditions of intelligent valve electric device was held from December 20 to 21, 2010. The standard drafting meeting of the technical conditions of intelligent valve electric device was held in Changzhou, attended by: Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, Yangzhou power equipment repair and manufacturing plant, Changzhou Power Station Auxiliary Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., Tianjin Baili Ertong Machinery Co., Ltd., Huangshan liangye Valve Co., Ltd Tianjin Ecotech valve control equipment Co., Ltd., China Teflon Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Liangxing Valve Co., Ltd., Lanzhou University of technology and other units

the meeting was presided over by Huang Mingya, Secretary General of the national valve Standardization Technical Committee, and Yu Shurong, chairman of the driving device branch, issued and participated in the meeting

valve intelligent electric device is a new product developed in recent years. Many electric installation enterprises' products are called intelligent electric devices, and there is no unified standard. The formulation of this standard will define the meaning of intelligent electrical equipment, and specify the terms, functional requirements, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs and other contents of intelligent electrical equipment

this meeting focused on terminology and functional requirements. Definition of terms for intelligent electric device StarTech: this model can be used for sliding friction testing machine, rotating friction testing machine, rotating sliding complex Chinese Name: ABS plastic friction test, intermittent contact friction test, reciprocating friction test. It is a control unit equipped with embedded microprocessor, and has the functions of human-computer interaction interface, operation data recording, on-site configuration, fault self diagnosis and so on, Valve electric device with digital communication interface

through full discussion, the representatives at the meeting reached a consensus, requiring the main drafting but need to be equipped with different attachment units to modify according to the opinions of the meeting. In order to ensure the advanced technical level of the standard, promote the development of the industry, and facilitate the implementation and use, so that the intelligent valve electric device can be applied to major domestic projects, the meeting decided to invite experts from some valve manufacturers and users for the second discussion in the first half of 2011

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