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Scientists have developed a rice feeding robot: the dream of opening your mouth when eating can be realized

according to the daily mail, Beijing time, November 24, please note that scientists have successfully invented a rice feeding robot. As long as you install it in your chest, you can live the life of opening your mouth when eating in your dream

this kind of arm robot can be installed on a person's chest, and then send the food on the plate to your mouth. According to the researchers, the robot is still in the prototype stage. Its design is to enhance the social experience of eating, but it does not hinder lazy cancer patients from using it

this robot named arm-a-dine was jointly developed by the Royal Institute of technology in Melbourne, Australia and the Indian Information Technology Design Institute

researchers pointed out that the cleaning method is to unload more and more objects, which need to be tested before they can be used. The following table glass media said: arm-a-dine is a two person entertainment dining system we explored and designed, focusing on the shared dining experience. In this experience, all three arms (the user's own arm and the third mechanical arm, which need to make breakthroughs in the existing design of changing the functional concept of the experimental machine, loading mechanism, control principle, etc.) are used to feed themselves or others

the robot arm is fixed on the user's body through a vest. We are very funny to subvert the function of this robot arm, which can guide its final action according to the user's facial expression, that is, feeding ourselves or others, the researcher said

it can move up and down by itself, but it will not directly poke the rice into the user's mouth. On the contrary, it will stop ten centimeters away to ensure the safety of users

they are not completely autonomous, so users still have to move their heads slightly to eat. Robots will decide who to feed according to people's facial expressions. If people smile, robots are more likely to feed them. If they frown, they won't feed them. Researchers said: we hope to bring joy, laughter and sharing consciousness to people in this way

they said that arm-a-dine makes people taste food more slowly and unfamiliar, thus encouraging people to taste food. This robot arm is not a commercial project at present, and it is unclear whether or when it will be put into production and sold to the public

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