The Key Laboratory of two rare resources of Sichua

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Recently, it was learned from the Sichuan Provincial Department of science and technology that the wiring connection of electric valve actuators was approved by the "Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory for the evaluation and utilization of rare earth strategic resources" jointly declared by the Chengdu comprehensive rock and mineral testing center of Sichuan Bureau of Geology and mineral resources and Sichuan Geological Survey Institute. This is another major breakthrough in the construction of "scientific and technological geology and mineral resources" of Sichuan Bureau of Geology and mineral resources, filling the gap of the provincial and ministerial Key Laboratory of the Bureau

rare earth mineral resources are an important raw material guarantee for the development of strategic emerging industries and high-end growth industries. Sichuan Province is rich in rare earth mineral resources, with the advantages of large resource reserves and high comprehensive utilization value. Among them, hard rock lithium resources account for 70% of the country (ranking first in Asia), and are associated with rich rare resources such as niobium and tantalum. The reserve of rare earth is about 2.7 million tons (REO), ranking second in China. However, at present, there are many problems in the development of rare earth resources, such as waste of resource development, low comprehensive utilization rate, serious damage to the ecological environment and so on. This has become a severe challenge for the rare earth industry, and it is urgent to lay out and build a number of scientific and technological innovation platforms and bases. It is of great strategic significance to carry out extensive and in-depth research and technical research on a series of scientific issues related to the evaluation and utilization of rare earth resources in Sichuan Province in order to achieve the coordination of economic, ecological, environmental and social benefits

in 2016, the Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory for the evaluation and utilization of rare earth strategic resources was reviewed by 9 experts, including the application materials organized by the Provincial Department of science and technology, the field investigation and the evaluation of academician Chen Yuchuan of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. They believed that the laboratory had clear research objectives, accurate positioning and prominent priorities, and condensed a research team with reasonable structure and strong innovation ability, with good academic, technical and scientific research accumulation, It is approved as the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province

according to Hu Sixian and Zhao Chun, the heads of both units of the laboratory, in the past five years, the two units have undertaken a total of 45 national, provincial and ministerial level projects related to the evaluation and utilization of rare earth resources. In this case, 1 is a gap between large-scale projects, the project funds are nearly 170million yuan, more than 50 papers have been published, 4 monographs have been published, 8 patents have been applied for, and 7 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research awards have been obtained, It has laid a solid research foundation for the application of key laboratories in Sichuan Province

the head of the laboratory, Yang Xiaojun senior engineer and Kan Zezhong professor senior engineer, said that the laboratory will carry out a series of basic and applied basic research in three research directions, namely, the mineral action and exploration evaluation, the comprehensive utilization of resources, and the dynamic monitoring and evaluation of the mine geological environment, based on the "Wuxi graphene industry sample length of more than 2450mm development plan guidelines" issued by Wuxi City, It fills the gap in the research fields of rare earth resource exploration and evaluation, green mining and selection, mine geological environment monitoring and evaluation, improves the development and utilization level of rare earth resources in Sichuan Province, promotes the development of high-end growth industries such as aviation and gas turbines, new energy vehicles and rare earth industries, improves quality and efficiency, and supports the regional economic and social development of Panxi strategic resource innovation pilot development zone, Ganzi and ABA and other ethnic areas. The picture shows the review site

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