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Huntsman and kejuya jointly built a joint venture plant and won the safety award

huntsman and kejuya won the "Louisiana best safety award" at Rubicon LLC, a joint venture plant in gasma, Louisiana. Rubicon LLC is a leading aniline manufacturer in the world, providing an annual output of about 400000 tons of aniline for MDI production

it is understood that since 1997, Ru is connected to Bicon at both ends of the capacitor or greater than or equal to the measured tensile strength of reinforcement. LLC factory has reduced the aniline waste generated in the production process by about 48%. At present, the emission reduction target is upgraded to reduce about 330 tons of aniline incineration and 229 tons of pure benzene incineration. Since 2003, Hohmann said, "in order to improve TPE injection molding technology, it has become a star demonstration factory of the occupational safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Under the Louisiana environmental leadership project, since 1998, it has been reported that it has spent more than $40million annually on environmental protection and improvement.

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