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Ruitai technology "key high-tech enterprises of the national Torch Plan" was approved

according to the notice of applying for the key high-tech enterprises of the 2011 National Torch Plan issued by the torch center in June this year, Ruitai technology submitted the application form of national key high-tech enterprises, which was strictly selected by experts of the high-tech enterprise professional committee from four aspects: enterprise innovation ability, industry driving, profitability and social contribution, Ruitai technology successfully passed the review and was highly praised by experts

the key high-tech enterprises of the national torch plan are selected from among the national high-tech enterprises to develop a group of backbone enterprises of high-tech industrialization with characteristics, guide them to use all kinds of social resources to make them stronger, bigger, specialized and refined, and become the key enterprises to improve the ability of independent innovation, adjust the industrial structure, and make cup experiments The round pieces (55, building 100) of the strip are pressed between the blank holder and the die, which is the backbone to change the development mode and guide the leapfrog development of China's high-tech industry

as a national key high-tech enterprise, Ruitai technology will continue to increase R & D investment, improve independent innovation ability, give full play to the role of industry leader, and make contributions to the industrial upgrading and advantageous development of China's refractory industry First of all, you should browse the instructions for pressure testing machine

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