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The key to the intellectualization and roboticization of construction machinery: high-quality parts

with the domestic and foreign construction machinery product technology moving from a mature period to a modern period, with the extension of a new technological revolution, the world machinery industry has entered an unprecedented stage of high-speed development. Where will the construction machinery industry go in the future? Which products of Jinan testing machine factory will be accepted by users

the integration of microcomputer, sensor, electronic technology, electro-hydraulic servo and control system has transformed the traditional construction machinery products. Computer aided design, auxiliary manufacturing and auxiliary management have equipped the construction machinery manufacturing industry. IT network technology has equipped the sales and information transmission system of construction machinery, so that we can see a new emerging industry of construction machinery

in view of the survival and development of the typical industry of construction machinery in the face of the cruel situation of international competition in the domestic market and the challenges of new technologies and processes, a large number of manufacturers focus on the R & D and manufacturing of industrial robots. Beijing gaoweike also joined the team. Gaoweike robot business department is the research and development and manufacturing center of robot automation equipment. It has a number of independent intellectual property rights and rich experience, and continues to expand its scientific research and innovation capabilities. Its products and services involve industrial visual inspection, industrial robot automation application engineering, industrial robot product research and development and other fields. It has mature application cases in many industries, such as mechanical processing and automatic loading and unloading, food production and packaging, beverage filling and packaging stacking, glass manufacturing and handling, solar photovoltaic module processing and handling, LED product processing, automated three-dimensional warehouse, pharmaceutical logistics, electronic device processing and packaging, auto parts assembly and so on. Intelligent manufacturing is the goal of "China Construction Machinery Manufacturing". China's "12th Five Year Plan" puts forward higher requirements for the development of the construction machinery industry. Automatic and flexible diagram: 3D printing TPU cells cause the source heat of oil in hydraulic universal experiment. The intelligent manufacturing based on proliferative production and digitization of positive cells on the scaffold will become the new standard of the machinery industry

with the development of industrial intelligence, the key parts of construction machinery are the foundation, support and bottleneck of the development of construction machinery products. When the construction machinery develops to a certain stage, the research of high technology in the industry mainly focuses on the key parts of the product, such as engine, hydraulic, transmission and control technology. Only by solving the production of key parts can we master the field of construction machinery and the enterprise have the core competitiveness

in order to gain greater competitive advantage in the future mechanized market competition, the design of construction machinery will pay more attention to the selection of components with good quality, and pay more attention to the standardization, generalization and integration of components, while the supporting component enterprises will pay more attention to the systematic matching with the host, hydraulic system, transmission system and electromechanical integrated control system, which will greatly shorten the development cycle of host products. It is an important sign of the development of advanced technology to further improve the standardization and generalization of parts and components and simplify maintenance to the greatest extent. For example, the selection of high-quality operating handles, instrument panels, bolts, nuts, and button switches in the production process has been completely universal, labeled, and installed in groups, greatly reducing the production cost

choose high-quality spare parts to make the maintenance of the machine more convenient and maintain the value of the machine. 4. Software and hardware customers trust your machine and your brand

with the development of science and technology, intellectualization and mechanization will gradually become the mainstream trend of the development of construction machinery, which can not only effectively improve work efficiency, but also significantly reduce production costs. In the future, construction machinery will transition from local automation to full automation, and will develop towards the trend of driverless and remote control. With the intervention of artificial intelligence, construction machinery will accelerate the modernization process, so as to gradually transition to the goal of fully intelligent operation robot

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