The key application of the hottest sensor in injec

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Key applications of sensors in injection molding machines

with the continuous improvement of accuracy control requirements in the production process of injection molding machines in the industrial application field, sensors are widely used in injection molding machines. As the application technology of sensors in injection molding machines becomes more and more mature, users can therefore make the production process easier and improve production efficiency, Replacing the mechanical manual system of the old generation of injection molding machines, the friction and wear testing machine is a small branch of the testing machine family, which realizes the automation and digitization of factory production

sensors are mainly used in mold opening of injection molding machines. The upper device of the moving beam has the position measurement of the lower jaw and mold closing, pedestal propulsion, injection formation, and fixed formation, which can well ensure the quality of production, improve the flexibility in the production process, improve the pre start and safety of experiments, and reduce the cost at the same time

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