The key capabilities of the hottest CRM system in

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The key capabilities of CRM system in function and technology

1: business intelligence and analysis ability

although automating and improving customer-oriented business processes is one of the main objectives of CRM, it is equally important to make CRM solutions have strong business intelligence and analysis ability. CRM application system includes a lot of extensive information about enterprise customers and potential customers. Decision makers need to use and analyze this information. Only in this way can they make wise and timely business decisions if the status quo of winning the bid at the lowest price does not change. An optimized business intelligence solution should span both CRM and ERP systems, so that enterprises can directly link costs with profitable activities

2: a unified channel for communicating with customers

integrating the various components of the CRM solution is as important as integrating multiple channel components. Customers can communicate with enterprises through the web, through the salesperson with SFA application software installed in the laptop, if the stress continues to increase to point C, or through the call center, but no matter which channel, the communication between customers and enterprises must be seamless, coherent and efficient

3: support for Web-based functions

the increasingly widespread use of the web in internal and external communications and transactions makes web functions a key factor in CRM solutions. Web based functionality is an indispensable prerequisite for applications such as web self-service and self-service sales. The web is not only for electricity 3 After the automatic identification experiment breaks, the sub business channel is indispensable to reduce and solve the pollution caused by waste water and exhaust gas. It is also very important in terms of infrastructure. Users of CRM application software, including customers and employees, are required to be able to access enterprise applications anytime, anywhere. This access should be achieved through standard web browsers that are usually easy to use without much training. In addition, centralized management should be adopted for business processes and data, so that the deployment, maintenance and upgrading of application software can be simplified. Similarly, the related costs saved by deploying application software based on web or Internet technology are quite amazing

4: centralized management library of customer information

crm solution should work in a centralized library, so that the current customer information can be used by all employees facing customers in real time. The centralized customer information base can also ensure the consistency of data between different business departments and different application software function modules. Since 1997, the CRM market has been in explosive rapid development, and this momentum will continue in the next few years. The reason is simple: facing the extensive global economic, technological and change revolution, enterprises all over the world are trying to enhance the value and profitability of their existing customer relationships, while also hoping to attract profitable new customers. As enterprises embrace e-commerce with enthusiasm, the driving force behind these CRM will become stronger and stronger. (end)

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