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Good driver in China: a key lesson in Career Guide: today, when people walk on the streets of cities or towns and pass a construction site with construction machinery roaring, they may have been used to it for a long time. At most, they sigh about the power and beauty of these machines. However, if someone knows the people who operate these machines, nine times out of ten they are employed without certificates and have not been through

today, when people walk on the streets of cities or towns and pass a construction site with construction machinery roaring, they may have been used to it for a long time, and at most sigh about the power and beauty of these machines. However, if someone knows that eight out of ten people who operate these machines cause components to be damaged and can't work normally, nine of them are employed without certificates, have not undergone any formal training, don't know what safety regulations are, and even the insurance company refuses to settle claims in case of an accident - in this case, can you pass here easily and calmly next time

although most construction machinery is not driven on the road like cars, the standardized operation and professional quality of this industry, as well as the psychological state and moral level of practitioners, are not only related to production efficiency and project quality, but also have a great impact on public safety and even social order

with the rapid development of China's economy and various constructions, construction machinery has been rapidly popularized in various fields, and millions of employment opportunities have been created at the same time, making many people realize the Chinese dream of becoming rich, or live a more affluent and well-off life. As a result, more and more people swarmed with dreams and became engineering machinery operators without any preparation

however, it is precisely because of the rapid development that the supporting vocational education system and social management mechanism failed to keep up, leading to the crazy growth of this industry like weeds, lack of rules, no constraints, rollovers, pits, collisions and other things, but often new reasons often occur, cutting optical cables, destroying gardens, damaging roads and other phenomena emerge one after another. In order to make more money, many operators from squeezing equipment to squeezing themselves, Tired driving without stopping for 24 hours or even 48 hours... Behind the rapid growth, there are dazzling chaos

no industry can develop disorderly for a long time. In recent years, as the pace of large-scale infrastructure construction gradually slows down, the level of social management is improving day by day, and the requirements for safety, norms and quality are becoming higher and higher. Many enterprises and projects begin to refuse to work without certificates. Whether the operators who heat the cold drawn polymers above the glass transition temperature have received training and qualification certificates has also become the basic conditions for handling insurance claims

facing the higher and higher vocational threshold, many "self-taught" teachers and operators who have recently entered the industry are somewhat confused. Because according to the traditional vocational education, learning and examination are integrated. Like car driving schools, they pay tuition fees, and study first and then take the examination. However, compared with driving schools, there are few special engineering machinery technical schools, and there are few in the country. They have become proficient in practical work, and the operation technology is not a problem. What they lack is only the theoretical basis and standards. So, what should we do now? Is it spending money to go to school? Or do you keep your current job first and wait until you have a chance

this is not a simple multiple-choice question, especially for those operators with low educational level, born lack of confidence in the exam, and little knowledge of external information. Tuition, accommodation, time cost, work pressure, whether to leave the post, family affairs and other factors can only be looked at first. In addition, some unscrupulous businessmen and training institutions defraud tuition fees under the banner of textual research, and the "certificate" bought with a lot of money is not recognized, which makes people stay away from training

all kinds of disorder and helplessness are intertwined, and the actual result is - until today, at least 85% of construction machinery operators still work without certificates. Whether for career development or practical needs, obtaining the vocational qualification certificate officially issued by the state, obtaining more employment opportunities and more comprehensive life security, has become a common career ideal for construction machinery operators

although construction machinery is rarely used on the road, its ability to cause trouble is no less than that of road vehicles, or even worse. Working without a certificate is only a superficial phenomenon. From a deeper level, it reflects the lack of norms and safety awareness in the hearts of most practitioners. Therefore, the education of construction machinery operators should not only cover various operation specifications, but also inculcate moral concepts, promote positive energy through positive examples, guide people to be good, and establish a kind of self-esteem and pride of "I'm proud, I'm a good driver". As a new post-90s said: I like construction machinery, because it is a builder, it is to help people

therefore, after the launch of Shandong Lingong "China's good driver" last year, it caused strong repercussions in the industry and won the first place in the "top ten marketing events of China's construction machinery in 2013". "Chinese good drivers" provide free professional training for construction machinery operators throughout the whole process to help them obtain the vocational qualification certificate issued by the state; At the same time, work with national moral model Guo Mingyi to explore the excellent deeds and good morality of front-line drivers, further promote the role of moral models in the industry, and spread more positive energy at the social level

over the past year, the media and the public have talked about the "good driver in China" activity. 2. Quality assurance: the equipment warranty period is one year. The author believes that the free textual research reflects the manufacturer's help and care for front-line practitioners, but carrying forward the setting of positive energy in the industry is 100 times more important than the former, which is also the core value of this activity, and truly reflects the responsibility of Shandong Pro work as a Shandong enterprise, It embodies the corporate culture of putting benevolence, righteousness and morality into the spirit of the times

for those people who lack knowledge of professional ethics, tell him "you are a good driver", touch the chord in his heart, and stimulate his morality, which is a key leap in the course of life

it is reported that China's good drivers in 2014 have been launched. Let's continue to pay attention to this activity and look forward to the changes it will bring to the construction machinery industry

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