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Xuzhou high voltage dry-type transformer production and supply

1) tighten the screws on the transformer, including the two head screws of the clamp, the through-core screws, and the cushion block pressing screws. 2: 4. Be able to use

2) add anti vibration rubber pads under the transformer trolley, which is produced and supplied by Xuzhou high voltage dry-type transformer_ Pengcheng electric can solve part of the noise

transformer coil self resonance

cause: when there is load current passing through the winding, the magnetic leakage generated by the load current causes the vibration of the winding

judgment method:

1) the transformer noise is too large and the noise is relatively low

2) when the transformer load reaches a certain level, Xuzhou high voltage dry-type transformer production and supply_ Pengcheng electric starts to make noise, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't


1) tighten all the screws of the cushion block to increase the axial compression force of the coil

2) loosen all the screws of the cushion block, and Xuzhou high voltage dry-type transformer production and supply_ Pengcheng electric, loosen all the bolts on the outgoing copper bar and the zero line copper bar, shake the low-voltage coil, shift the high-voltage coil by 3 ~ 5mm, and then tighten all the bolts

inspection of transformer operation and maintenance

problem of load nature

cause: the voltage waveform of the transformer is distorted (such as resonance phenomenon), resulting in noise

judgment method:

1) in addition to the noise of the transformer itself, the noise is also mixed with "cluck, cluck"

2) during operation, the transformer noise will suddenly increase, and soon return to normal. 3) Check whether there are rectifying equipment and frequency conversion equipment in the load

solution: users can consider adding devices to reduce harmonics

transformer phase loss problem

cause: the transformer can not be normally excited, resulting in noise


1) power off the transformer and check whether the power supply lacks one phase of power

Products are used in automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, aerospace and other fields

2) check whether one phase of transformer high-voltage fuse is blown

poor contact problem

reasons: first, it is caused by poor contact in the high-voltage cabinet. Second, the knife switch is not closed in place

judgment method: the transformer makes intermittent abnormal noise


1) check the contacts and fuses of the high-voltage cabinet and the whole high-voltage circuit

2) ask someone from the high voltage cabinet manufacturer to check

performance characteristics of oil immersed transformer

a. the low-voltage winding of oil immersed transformer generally adopts the cylindrical structure of copper foil winding except for the small capacity copper conductor; The high-voltage winding adopts a multi-layer cylindrical structure, so that the ampere turn distribution of the winding is balanced, the leakage magnetic field is small, the mechanical strength is high, and the short-circuit resistance is strong

b, the iron core and winding adopt fastening measures respectively. The fastening parts such as the height of the device and the low-voltage lead are equipped with self-locking locknuts, and the non hanging core structure is adopted, which can withstand the bumping of transportation

c, the coil and iron core are vacuum dried, and the transformer oil is vacuum filtered and injected to minimize the moisture inside the transformer

d. The oil tank adopts corrugated sheet, which has breathing function to compensate for the volume change of oil caused by temperature change. Therefore, this product has no oil conservator, which obviously reduces the height of the transformer

e. since the corrugated sheet replaces the oil conservator, the transformer oil is isolated from the outside, which effectively prevents the entry of oxygen and water, resulting in the decline of insulation performance

f. According to the above five performances, the oil immersed transformer does not need to change oil during normal operation, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the transformer and prolongs the service life of the transformer

inspection of transformer operation and maintenance

resonance problem of fan, shell and other parts

reason: fan, shell and other parts can also be used as cold source (heat source) to lead the liquid in the tank out of resonance, which will produce noise, which is generally mistaken for the noise of transformer

judgment method:

1) shell: press the aluminum plate (or steel plate) of the shell by hand to see whether the noise changes. If there is a change, it means that the shell is resonant

2) fan: push the shell of each fan with a long dry stick to see whether the noise changes. If there is any change, it means that the fan is resonant

3) other parts: push each part of the transformer (such as wheel, fan support, etc.) with a long dry stick to see if the noise changes. If there is any change, it means that the parts are resonant


1) check whether the aluminum plate (or steel plate) of the shell is loose, which may be deformed during installation. It is necessary to tighten the screws of the shell, fix the aluminum plate of the shell, and correct the deformed part

2) to check whether the fan is loose, it is necessary to tighten the fastening bolts of the fan and pad a small piece of rubber between the fan and the fan support to solve the fan vibration problem

3) if the transformer parts are loose, they need to be fixed

inspection of transformer operation and maintenance

voltage problem

cause: high voltage will overexcitation the transformer, and the noise will increase and be sharp, which will directly and seriously affect the noise of the transformer

judgment method: first look at the low-voltage output voltage, not the voltmeter on the low-voltage cabinet. This voltmeter only serves as an indication, and a more accurate multimeter should be used for measurement

solution: now the 10KV voltage in cities is generally high. According to the output voltage at the low voltage side, the tap gear should be placed in the appropriate gear at this time. On the premise of ensuring the quality of low-voltage power supply, try to increase the high-voltage tapping direction (reduce the low-voltage output voltage), so as to eliminate the overexcitation of the transformer and reduce the noise of the transformer at the same time

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