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Xuzhou factory has become caterpillar's only super large excavation base in the world

Xuzhou factory has become caterpillar's only super large excavation base in the world

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the author learned from caterpillar (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. a few days ago that with the adjustment of Caterpillar's Belgian factory, all its super large excavation products will be transferred to Xuzhou in the future, Xuzhou plant will also become the only ultra large excavation production base of caterpillar in the world that will produce a large amount of carbon fiber in a relatively short time

caterpillar Belgium factory is one of Caterpillar's largest factories in the world, producing hydraulic excavators, loaders, and engine parts. According to Caterpillar's restructuring plan, the production capacity of Belgian factories will be relocated, and all of the super large excavation will be relocated to Xuzhou

Yang Chengjian, general manager of caterpillar (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd., said: "In the past, caterpillar had only one factory producing 374 super large excavators. It was in Gosselies factory in Belgium. With the leading advantages of Xuzhou manufacturing base in cost and quality, the head office made this decision in due course and usually. From this year, caterpillar Xuzhou factory will become the only super large excavation base in the world, which also adds a touch of brilliance to our Xuzhou Construction machinery capital."

caterpillar (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise invested and built by American caterpillar in China. It is also caterpillar's flagship factory in China, producing a full range of excavators ranging from 12 tons to 49 tons. Since 2013, Xuzhou factory has begun to engage in capital replacement labor and machine replacement super large excavation. Last year, the output of super large excavation was only more than 100 units, which will increase fourfold this year

Yang Chengjian said that the highest cutting-edge technology in the excavator industry is in large models, that is, excavators with more than 70 tons in the excavator category, because it puts forward higher requirements for hydraulic systems, circuit control systems, system integration, and even the manufacture of such large structural parts

with the implementation of super large excavation, it means that caterpillar Xuzhou factory will have more say. In addition, with the outward shift of this part of production capacity, the key parts purchased in Europe and the United States as new generation fertilizer synergists will also slowly turn to China or Asia to seek partners, which is bound to attract more and more supporting suppliers and service enterprises to Xuzhou

Yang Chengjian said, "this is also aimed at expanding and accelerating the production of large excavators and improving the position of Xuzhou factory in Caterpillar's world. At present, large excavator factories are now in full production, and there are plans to invest more funds to purchase processing centers and robots to further increase production."

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