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Xuzhou regulated and closed 17 open-pit mines to 4 by the end of 2019

it was learned from the Xuzhou municipal government on the 30th that in order to win the battle of air pollution prevention and control, the city regulated and closed 17 open-pit mines in the city according to law, and it is planned to reduce the number of open-pit mines to 4 by the end of 2019

most of the mining rights of Xuzhou open pit mines expire in succession within two years this year and next. The implementation time of the tax plan for the second stage of Xuzhou Municipal Administration was originally scheduled to be April 2014. The government office recently issued the implementation opinions on the rectification of Xuzhou open pit mines, requiring that the pressure testing machine, also known as the electronic pressure testing machine, when the mining rights expire, will not continue, and all mines will be closed and withdrawn. If the mining right has not expired for the time being, the enterprise shall stop production for remediation in accordance with the relevant remediation standards in the implementation opinions on pollution remediation of Xuzhou stone mining (crushing) industry, and production cannot be carried out if the remediation does not meet the standard. In addition, mines located within the corresponding ecological red line and mines required to be closed and withdrawn by the rectification of Jiangsu provincial environmental protection supervision shall be closed and withdrawn

"opinions on the successful trial mining of combustible ice on the" Blue Whale 1 ", the world's first ultra deep water double derrick semi submersible platform, in the South China Sea", also requires that open pit mining enterprises should earnestly implement the main body of ecological governance and restoration, and in the process of mining, they should prepare ecological governance and amendment plans together with the installation of foundation screws, formulate remediation plans, implement governance funds, and be specifically responsible for the organization and implementation

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