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Observe the industrial chain from the China liquid food processing and packaging technology forum

in recent years, China's beverages, beer and dairy products continue to maintain a high growth trend. It is predicted that the total output of China's beverages will reach 45million tons this year, a year-on-year increase of 22.67%; As the largest beer market in the world, China's total beer output reached 42million tons last year, a year-on-year increase of 15.72; In the dairy market, the total output reached 22million tons last year, a year-on-year increase of nearly 30%. In this case, combined with the general economic situation at home and abroad and the promotion of the government, some enterprises are also engaged in 3D printing silicone force (for example, the government's support software for the development of the dairy industry automatically analyzes and processes the experimental results), as well as the demand growth brought about by the improvement of people's lives and other factors, people are full of optimistic expectations for the future industrial development. But on the other hand, the resulting capacity expansion, technology upgrading, R & D direction and other issues may not have attracted enough attention from the industry. This not only requires the beverage, beer and dairy production enterprises to face calmly, but also requires the full efforts of all links of the entire industrial chain, including packaging enterprises. This is the main purpose of the International Forum on China's liquid food processing and packaging technology held in Hangzhou from July 24 to 25

whether in the beverage industry, beer industry or dairy industry, small and medium-sized enterprises are hard to count, but there are few brands. At this forum, representatives of Sidel, Krones, Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Marken IMAS, jialos, Hesky, konasi and other brands familiar with liquid packaging and related fields, as well as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Suntory, Wangwang group, Wahaha, Bright Dairy, Mengniu Dairy, robust, Nongfu Shanquan, Kraft (China), Watsons and other beverages, beer Representatives of well-known dairy enterprises discuss the industrial prospects and analyze problems together, especially exchange experience in product packaging, which plays a guiding role to a certain extent

let's see what experience they have brought

perfection means fluency

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bosch group, Bosch Rexroth is a leading supplier in the global industrial technology market, with a distinguished reputation in the field of transmission and control. Global sales last year were about 5.4 billion euros. They have entered the Chinese market as early as 1978. The reason why they can continuously provide high-quality products and transfer new concepts to users all over the world, including the Chinese market, is to melt the highest standards in this field into the whole process of production. In their view, perfect automatic control is like appreciating a perfect symphony, rising, falling, straight-line motion, curve motion, precise acceleration, appropriate position, like a detailed and sensitive melody, which has its own harmonious and subtle side. The pneumatic system, input and output system, pneumatic handling equipment, Descartes manipulator and so on, which contain these quintessence, have been organically combined to form a production line from food processing to product terminal packaging. Among them, the distributor, mixer, process control, area cleaning, filling and sealing, paperboard packaging machine, material handling, packing machine and stacking machine perform their respective duties, and the whole production line is in high efficiency and Coordinated and controllable state

height is the market

in the field of liquid food packaging, there is a company famous in the international market that is almost the embodiment of omnipotence, which is Sidel. They have unique technology and accumulated rich experience in the fields of water, soft drinks, milk, sensitive drinks, beer and alcohol packaging, which has enabled them to install more than 20000 machines in more than 150 countries. Their machines have a high market share in China, which is difficult for other similar enterprises to catch up with. The glass bottle, plastic (PET, HDPE, PP) and beverage can production lines provided by them have brought lasting benefits to users. For example, leading domestic beverage packaging enterprises such as Zhuhai Zhongfu and Weidong mostly use Sidel's bottle blowing machine

Sidel's expertise in the whole line field benefits from the close integration of the whole line design technology with high-performance equipment and services. They focus on production, product maintenance, and the safety and efficiency of the whole line. From bottle blowing, filling and conveying to secondary packaging and pallet packaging, its innovative processes and technologies are reflected in every link. As a design unit and general contractor, Sidel can design and develop ideal solutions according to the production objectives of users regardless of the type of packaging or specific requirements

enterprises that maintain absolute shares in different fields are naturally the technology masters in different fields. For example, husky, which has maintained a market share of more than 70% in the field of pet injection molding and was founded in Canada more than half a century ago, has been playing a leading role in this field. Zhang Yue, general manager of husky injection molding system Co., Ltd., while interpreting the company's core values (continuous contribution, active environmental protection, pursuit of perfection, ambitious goals, honesty oriented), analyzed the market trend from a higher perspective. And he has no doubt about the technical strength of the company. He said that as long as users give an idea, Heskey can quickly turn it into reality. He believes that lightweight and energy saving are two major issues that must be paid attention to in pet injection molding. In these two aspects, Heskey has reached a commanding height through effective investment and research and development

accuracy means safety

in the field of food and food packaging production and testing, any minor negligence may bring fatal consequences. The machine vision system of kangnaishi, an international well-known enterprise, brings convenience and security to product inspection. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has sold 400000 sets of vision systems, with a cumulative revenue of more than 2billion US dollars. Some of the cases they brought this time are only a tiny part of them. Nevertheless, it can also vividly illustrate the application of machine vision system in the field of food packaging inspection. For example, they provided a machine for tiptip, a top ice cream company in New Zealand, which helped a lot. Tiptip has an annual output of 50million liters of ice cream. A policy on removing the barcode on the container cover to avoid machine failure and personal injury may affect the ice cream packaging. So, how to ensure that the ice cream produced uses the correct packaging? However, the efficient and accurate work of Cognex's machine vision system has relieved their concerns: search the top and side of the container to find unique specified features. If the matching is wrong, the container will be automatically rejected and placed in the offline rejection station. In addition to these details, the solution can be continuously upgraded and has considerable flexibility to meet the challenges from graphics, colors and products

the machine vision system of Cognex is such a computer with vision that can detect, measure and identify products on the fastest production line. These intelligent machines have 246 patents in one, and 92 U.S. and international patents, also known as tensile test, have yet to be approved

combination means efficiency

the above-mentioned companies can occupy certain product advantages in different fields, no doubt thanks to the talent advantages, R & D advantages and the deep understanding of the market by the enterprise decision-makers. So, what kind of understanding can be considered as deep understanding? One of the different answers is worth mentioning

this is the way to optimize the packaging line of beverage and beer enterprises, which was discussed by Zhangchunlin, a representative of automation and drive group of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. Siemens (China) automation and drive group is committed to the development of automation business in China and has played an active role in food, beverage, packaging and other fields. Its biggest advantage lies in the fully integrated automation (TIA) emphasized and vigorously promoted by the group. This is both a concept and a system. TIA technology successfully realizes the horizontal and vertical integration of the entire automation system in the production process. Through common data management, common communication and common engineering design environment, seamless interoperability and transparency are realized, so that the entire product life cycle of users can be fully optimized from design and engineering status, installation and commissioning, operation, maintenance, to modernization, upgrading and transformation

in short, the optimization process includes five levels: hardware and software standardization; Interfaces must be consistent; Network architecture; Automatic diagnosis traceability; It is not new research and development, but a combination of fully mature technologies

observe the industrial chain from the China liquid food processing and packaging technology forum

nth= "8" year= "2008">2008/8/19/11:43 source: China packaging daily Author: Han Yong

the last level shows its essence, that is, Siemens, which is famous for innovation, does not care about how to innovate, but emphasizes combination. Of course, to some extent, combination is also an innovation. Here, they are more like the makers of technical specifications. This does not mean that they have lowered the standards. On the contrary, the adoption of the same standards not only reflects a considerable degree of freedom, but also ensures the quality while providing various conveniences for enterprises. For example, their selection of hardware products began from more than 3000 products, and finally selected more than 200. These 200 kinds of products are the best in quality. By analogy, it is an optimized production line. If it is expanded, it is an optimized plant. And the comprehensive cost saved from this is conceivable

it can be inferred that this forum is also a combination of the most innovative ideas in various related fields for the industry's reference. This is what the organizers of the forum, Hong Kong Institute of global industrial strategy, Simond consulting and Research Institute, and the co sponsors, Shanghai Yuangu Investment Management Co., Ltd. and wanqu International Media Co., Ltd., expect

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