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Industrial computers are expected to become it upstarts

industrial computers (IPC), which have many advantages, such as anti harsh environment, good structural expansion performance, wide voltage application range, and can fully meet the special needs of enterprises. In the next few years, IPC will become a "gold" industry due to its huge market potential

it is understood that the industrial computer originated from the special requirements of process control and manufacturing automation in traditional industry for high adaptability and high reliability. It is a ruggedized computer based on PC (personal computer), using PC hardware and software platform and compatible with PC. It can run stably for a long time under harsh external environment

according to insiders, the development of China's industrial computer market has mainly experienced three stages: in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the IPC products of American companies first entered China and were mainly used in traditional industrial control sites, but they soon withdrew from the market due to the localization of man-machine interface, price and service problems; In 1990, Taiwan began to develop IPC by relying on its own advantages in the information industry. In the second year, a large number of its products entered the mainland of China, and its application also extended from traditional industrial control to industries with high requirements for automatic control, such as communication, telecommunications, electric power, etc., but the price and service are still obstacles to large-scale popularization; In 1997, mainland manufacturers represented by Yanxiang began to carry out research, development and production of IPC, and the application level was gradually improved. At present, the main products in China's IPC market are produced in Taiwan and the mainland of the motherland. The brands include Advantech, Yanxiang, Weida, Panyi, etc. the brands of mainland products account for more than 40%. The market is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an and other economically developed regions and regions with relatively concentrated special industries

thanks to the wide range of industrial applications, the demand for IPC in the domestic market has increased rapidly in recent years, and its application has extended from the on-site microelectronic technology transformation of traditional industries to more traditional pillars and emerging sunrise industries. At present, the proportion of traditional industrial field and process control applications has dropped to 15%, while communications and telecommunications applications have risen rapidly to 22%. Applications in power (10%), transportation (7%), video surveillance (10%), military (12%), Networking (6%), Finance (6%) and other fields have also attracted increasing attention. At the same time, the IPC embedded application market, such as query machine, lottery machine and integrated instrument, is rising rapidly and begins to occupy an increasing share

industry experts pointed out that in the next few years, the domestic IPC application will further develop in depth, the IPC market scale will double, and enter a stable period of sustained and high-speed development. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the demand for industrial control computer market in some major fields will increase significantly on the basis of the ninth five year plan, including 150% growth in environmental protection, 60% growth in construction and 50% growth in transportation. IPC, as the main component of industrial computer, will have a very broad application prospect. According to statistics, in 2000, the scale of China's IPC market reached 3-4.5 billion yuan, and is expected to double on this basis in 2005. In the future, the growth potential of embedded market will be much higher than that of general-purpose computer, and the annual growth rate will exceed 30%. In addition, with the continuous improvement and popularization of IPC technology, the value of its epitaxial application will also be immeasurable

ipc market is a special industry, which requires a certain amount of capital investment. In this regard, duanmingxiang, Deputy Secretary General of the industrial control computer professional committee of the Chinese computer society, pointed out that although China has certain advantages in IPC technology, compared with large foreign enterprises, the operation scale of enterprises is generally small. In addition, IPC and its application are closely related to the development of computer technology, control technology, network technology, display technology, etc. while timely absorbing new technologies suitable for their own development, affected by the complex industrial application demand, the development speed of IPC needs to be relatively slower than that of ordinary PC to maintain the stability of the industry. It is this characteristic of development, production and application that determines that IPC industry urgently needs compound talents who not only master hardware and software technology, but also understand the industry application process. With the widespread application of IPC, this kind of talents will become another hot spot we have learned about in the future when automobile manufacturers have higher and higher control standards for VOC in vehicles

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