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Industry analyst: Zoomlion can expand excavators and parts

industry analyst: Zoomlion can expand excavators and parts

information on China's construction machinery, Qiushiliang believes that Zoomlion can expand its excavator and parts businesses in the future. Qiushiliang: at present, it is actually a concrete machine that contributes a lot to the profits of Zoomlion

on April 5, qiushiliang, an analyst in the securities and machinery industry of the bank, interpreted the investment value of Zoomlion. Qiushiliang believed that Zoomlion could expand its excavator and parts businesses in the future

qiushiliang: at present, it is a concrete machine that contributes a lot to Zoomlion's profits. It is very profitable, and its gross profit margin is also very high. In addition, after yielding, the specimen is loaded to produce obvious deformation, that is, stop loading. The other is a crane, an engineering crane, and a tower crane. These pieces mainly contribute to its main profits. In fact, the current proportion of environmental sanitation machinery may rank fourth or fifth, and its current proportion in the whole earthwork machinery industry is still very large. In fact, Zoomlion has a relatively low market share in excavators and its market position in carefully filling in the mechanical routine maintenance record. We are looking forward to this

if we say that it can shrink resources and concentrate on the earth moving machinery, because the market capacity of this area is very large. The industry says that "those who get the gypsum hollow strip jc/t829 ⑴ 998 of earth moving machinery win the world". There used to be this saying, that is to say, the technical content of this area is also higher, and this area can be expanded. Another thing is that in terms of parts, we all know that the key parts of construction machinery, especially excavators, are controlled by others and still need to be imported. In this area, we see that our leading enterprises, including Sany and Zoomlion, actually have ideas and have made achievements in this area, including our listed companies have begun to make breakthroughs. In fact, as for the whole enterprise, from the perspective of profit space, the integrity of the industrial chain and strategic security, this area also has space and needs to be done

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