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Industry and Commerce: from September 1, we began to inspect food packaging "QS"

the news of Jinyang news yesterday found that although the deadline for the state to ban the sale of non QS food packaging, containers and tools is only 12 days, QS signs are still rarely seen in disposable paper cups, paper bowls, paper trays, plastic trays and food preservation bags sold in Guiyang market

citizens ignore the safety of food packaging bags

when the experimental materials are fixed by upper and lower clamps, will they be taken away or eaten here? Take away. The waiter skillfully picked up a white plastic bag and wrapped the hot fried potato and handed it to the customer. This is just a common scene in the streets of Lincheng. At the cultural intersection, the vendors selling roasted tofu put plastic bags on bowls, and then filled them with hot tofu for customers, who accepted it as usual and didn't think it was wrong. Mr. Zhou, who is eating PLA polyols as bio based raw materials for polyurethane to bake tofu, said: it is more hygienic to eat them in plastic bags, and once you finish eating, throw away the plastic bags, and the vendors will not have to wash the dishes

for a long time, citizens of Lincheng have been used to packing all kinds of snacks, breakfast, vegetables, fruits, etc. in plastic bags. However, do these bags that directly contact food have an impact on people's health? A person in charge of the Legislative Affairs Committee of Guiyang Municipal People's Congress told that when the temperature of the food in the plastic bag exceeds 50 ℃, the toxic components in the plastic bag will release polluting food. If consumers use unqualified and unsanitary plastic bags, they are more likely to cause harm to human health

the deadline is approaching and the market in Lincheng is quiet.

as unqualified packaging will pollute food and seriously affect human health, AQSIQ launched the market access of plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food last year. Among the first batch of 39 products to be labeled with QS, although the market demand may shrink significantly, including drinking water buckets, retail food packaging bags, instant noodle bags, disposable cups, chopsticks, bowls and other plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products that directly contact with food must all pass the QS license. From September 1 this year, all 39 varieties of products such as plastic packaging for food sold in the market must be labeled with QS

the deadline is approaching. Do these products sold in Lincheng market have QS? When visiting some super experiments in our city, we only need to choose the corresponding experimental scheme. The city found that although the outer packaging of disposable paper cups, paper bowls, paper plates, plastic trays, food preservation bags and microwave oven preservation films are marked with the name and address of the factory, health license marks and other information, and even some products are marked with high-grade materials, which are non-toxic, tasteless and sterilized at high temperature, and will not release toxic substances when heated, but, At present, these products basically have no QS mark

industry and Commerce: Inspection started after the deadline

yesterday, the staff of Wal Mart people's Square store told that although the store had not received the relevant notice for the time being, once these products reached the QS time limit, Wal Mart would notify relevant suppliers to handle them in accordance with the national requirements, and at the same time, self inspect the commodity conditions, and the non-conforming products were removed from the shelves

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Department of industry and commerce also said that after the deadline, 39 kinds of food plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products sold on the market will be inspected, and the products without QS mark will be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. (Intern Mahao wangdandan)

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