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[industry encyclopedia] Beware of being cheated and the latest scam of purchasing construction machinery

Hi, I'm your dear friends. With the popularity of Internet, the purchase of construction machinery has become a convenience for employees in the industry, but it has given some lawless elements an opportunity to leave. We do business on the principle of honesty, but cheaters are not. As long as we get money, we don't care about honesty. Recently, there have been two cases of being cheated

case 1


boss Lu, from Duyun City, Guizhou Province, ordered a teliugong 225C in the late night of December 16 in Huang, Hunan Province. He began to say that yes, the car could be idled to top the car and walk on one side. As a result, the car conditions reported the next day were different. The customer also felt that there was no impact and asked to tow it back first. Because boss Lu was in a remote location, the trailer was not easy to find, Later, I talked to Mr. Huang about the actual situation here and allowed him a few days to deliver the goods. However, the other party did say that he sold the machinery to other customers, and the deposit was not refunded to Mr. Lu. Now, the two sides may still be in the dispute caused by this matter

case 2


according to relevant upstream and slow reports, recently, Mr. diaoyushu from Chongqing encountered trouble in Beibei. He purchased excavators and also contracted transportation, which was nearly 10000 yuan cheaper than in physical stores. But when he went to a logistics center in Beibei to pick up the goods, he was told that he had to pay a logistics fee of 13000 yuan. After contacting the sales personnel of the excavator, the other party admitted that we did not cover the transportation fee, but we did not cover the transportation fee

c919 is Mr. Shu, a 33 year old man with twin turbofan, who usually works as an excavator. At the beginning of November this year, Mr. Shu took a fancy to an excavator at a price of about 150000 yuan. He contacted the salesperson, who said that the price was 150000 yuan at one go and the transportation was also included. As soon as Mr. Shu heard that the transportation was also included, the price was nearly 10000 cheaper than that of the physical store. On the spot, he said that the Chongqing people were honest, paid the full amount, and did not sign a contract. Then the above unpleasant things happened. This leaves a message for those who don't talk about and most of the resulting accidents are disastrous. Confucius, the package transportation and package transportation fees are different. Everyone has seen that Mr. Shu is still on the road of safeguarding his rights

through these two cases, we appeal to the partners in the construction machinery industry to be more open-minded when purchasing the machine, and do not make payments to the other party at will. It is not easy to handle the payment. Purchasing is convenient and worth advocating. However, please note that when purchasing bulk goods, you should distinguish them from purchasing. It is the spokesman of information. You can find the goods you like through the comprehensiveness of the information in the network. Purchasing means paying for the goods. Then the problem comes. When to pay for the goods, everyone has a reputation in mind. Be cautious

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