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The Administration for Industry and commerce should speed up the process of online advertising supervision.

the advertising supervision department of the State Administration for Industry and commerce is the national advertising authority. For advertising management, the state has formulated a complete set of laws and regulations, as well as rules and regulations for PVC plastic floor spring doors jg/t3051 ⑴ 998. However, online advertising is a new media. We feel great pressure on how to regulate it. Since 1999, the advertising supervision department has specially sent some comrades to relevant units to study and understand the overall operation of online advertising. By the end of 1999, we had a preliminary understanding of the supervision and operation of online advertising. We also had some new ideas on the formulation of market access conditions for online advertising and the standardization of online advertising. Of course, the online advertising norms are the same. No matter what the media advertising is, the content norms must be treated equally. Therefore, I think we should first clarify that the business activities of online advertising and the advertising content published on the Internet are the scope of advertising supervision. The development of Internet advertising is very fast. How to standardize it as soon as possible? I think we should develop healthily in the standardization. Network advertising should not be developed blindly. If it develops to a certain extent, it may be troublesome for the government to regulate it again. Developing in the norms from the beginning has a positive effect on both development and norms. As it is now, it is impossible to completely liberalize the system without qualification certification and approval. In the 1980s, due to the limitations of understanding at that time, the phenomenon of media and advertisers hosting advertising companies appeared in China's advertising industry, resulting in many disadvantages, which was not conducive to the healthy development of the advertising industry. It has caused some situations that are difficult to reverse later, which is detrimental to the development of the advertising industry. At present, there are so many Internet companies and many enterprises that publish and operate advertisements on their own. These are all practical problems. It is not realistic to send a document saying that Internet companies cannot operate advertisements. However, none of these stations' advertising is approved by the government. Can they operate 3. Fatigue testing machine sheet metal in the future: it is a kind of protective layer advertising for the external 3 and 3-phase power meter of fatigue testing machine, which should at least be recognized by the government. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a temporary management method for online advertising, have a qualification certification, establish a market access condition for advertising in july1992, and strictly regulate the content of online advertising in accordance with relevant regulations. We try our best to make sure that it is manageable and workable. (wangjinjie, deputy director of the advertising supervision department of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, China business daily)

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