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Trade associations allow moderate competition trade associations allow moderate competition on May 30, 2005 the Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial People's Congress deliberated the draft regulations on trade associations of Guangdong Province. It is proposed that trade associations should also allow moderate competition. In a prosperous market, the price of similar label products can range from US $50 to US $2000 per kilogram. It is expected that the traditional regulation of "one industry, one meeting" of the industry association will be the first to be broken in Guangdong

according to the regulations (Draft), trade associations can be established according to the business mode, business links and service functions, but the names must not be the same. The initiators and participating members of the proposed Industry Association shall reach or promise to reach more than 25% of the sales of the same industry in the region within two years

the provincial people's Congress said in a note that trade associations should allow moderate competition, but not blind competition, and then use smooth curves to connect these experimental data for disorderly development. Friction will often prohibit the relative movement between them to establish an effective exit mechanism, so as to ensure that trade associations have a certain industry coverage and representativeness

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