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Industry associations at home and abroad strongly support the 2011 China International corrugation exhibition. The 2011 China International corrugation exhibition will be grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on April, 2011. As the world's largest corrugated box manufacturing exhibition, this 2011 China International Corrugated Box exhibition has attracted the attention of the global industry, and has been highly valued and strongly supported by many industry organizations and associations at home and abroad

the rapid development of China International corrugation exhibition can not be separated from the strong support and help of the association. The paper products packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation and INVISTA, one of the world's largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers in fushai (November 7, 2014), today announced the establishment of the Provincial Packaging Technology Association, Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association to ensure product, engineering quality and personal safety, the packaging and printing professional committee of Guangdong Packaging Technology Association, Liaoning packaging and printing industry chamber of Commerce, Henan Packaging Technology Association Sichuan Packaging Federation, Beijing Packaging Technology Association and Chongqing hackitt gave us a chance to do so. Packaging Technology Association, Ningbo Packaging Technology Association, Nanjing packaging industry association, Wenzhou Packaging Federation, Changzhou packaging industry association, Zhenjiang Packaging Technology Association, Chengdu Packaging Technology Association, Qingdao Packaging Technology Association Kunming Packaging Technology Association and many other industry associations have been the strong backing of China International Corrugated Exhibition for many years, playing an important role in promoting the development of the exhibition in China. The association has high hopes for this exhibition, and fully affirms its role in the development of China's carton industry and the exchange and promotion between industries

with the increasing international influence of the 2011 China International Corrugated exhibition, more and more international well-known associations have expressed their full support for the event, including the Asian corrugated box Association, the Singapore corrugated paper manufacturers' Association, the Indian corrugated box manufacturers' alliance, the Malaysian corrugated box manufacturers' Association, the Indonesian corrugated board Industry Association, the Hong Kong corrugated paper manufacturers' Association The Taiwan Paper Industry Association and others have expressed that they will use their influence in their respective countries and regions to publicize the China International Corrugated exhibition to local carton enterprises, and actively organize high-quality international purchasing groups to visit the site

many leaders of associations at home and abroad have visited the China International corrugating Exhibition for many times, and highly praised its scale, industry influence, exhibitors' quality and service level. The company called this kind of extended plan SG extended plan, and they have taken valuable time out of their busy schedule to inscribe for the exhibition and put forward their own insights. It is reported that as early as before the exhibition, various industry associations have passed on and updated the relevant information of the exhibition to their member enterprises in a timely, accurate and real-time manner through their subordinate stations, internal meetings, internal magazines and other channels

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