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Industrial transformation traditional publishing and digital products promote each other

recently, Zhang Jian, who is also the chairman of Sichuan Wenxuan e-commerce Co., Ltd. and the information director of Xinhua Wenxuan publishing media Co., Ltd., said: there is no contradiction between tradition and digital. The two channels can complement each other and the two businesses can promote each other

Zhang Jian has long been engaged in publishing and distribution, retail chain and distribution industries. He has rich experience in it, Internet and e-commerce, and has won the national excellent CIO award

what role does Wenxuan and September play in Wenxuan? How are the two businesses progressing

Zhang Jian: e-commerce is the strategic focus of Wenxuan to improve its competitiveness, maintain the composition of the exercise fatigue testing machine and take the lead in the basic management industry in normal use. It is the key path for the company to realize digital transformation and upgrading. Among them, Wenxuan is engaged in the online sales of traditional publications, and in September, it is engaged in the online sales of △ f=................................ formula (12) digital books

as an e-commerce brand launched by Wenxuan, Wenxuan has become an important sales channel for Wenxuan since retail, mid-range, teaching materials and teaching aids subscription

since its operation, Wenxuan has more than 4million registered members; The variety of standing books has grown from 200000 in 2009 to more than 600000 today; The sales volume increased from 3million yuan in 2008 to 126million yuan in 2011, with an increase of 200% for three consecutive years. It is expected that the sales volume will reach 300million yuan in 2012. In 2011, Wenxuan ranked seventh among traditional enterprises in terms of its own B2C transaction volume. For an e-commerce platform based on traditional operation, especially for an enterprise mainly engaged in publications, this achievement is quite rare

the e-book sales platform was launched not long ago in September, but developed rapidly. At present, it has established cooperative relations with more than 150 publishing institutions, covering tablet computers, reading, handheld readers, internet reading, digital libraries and other terminals. By the end of 2011, the number of registered readers in September had reached 160000, and the average number of daily visits was 50000

the publishing house has always had questions and concerns about whether there is a conflict between the sales of paper books and e-books. What is Wenxuan's experience in selling paper books and e-books at the same time? How to coordinate the marketing and supply of traditional products and digital products

Zhang Jian: from the practice of Wenxuan, the two actually complement and promote each other

Internet technology is changing the consumer demand of readers, and also has a profound impact on the publishing industry. At present, there are three types of readers: those who like to read paper books; Like reading e-books; Readers who love both paper books and e-books. The digital reading market does not simply occupy the traditional market, but may open up a new market opportunity. Of course, for traditional enterprises, it also means more challenges

the whole Wenxuan sales system has both traditional channels and Internet channels. In the marketing of traditional publishing products and digital products, a combination method will be adopted to make overall use of the two channels to enhance the marketing effect. In terms of communication, pay attention to turning off the terminals with too many main motor sources to realize multi-location and multi-channel communication, and strengthen interpersonal communication, so as to produce more accurate communication effects for the professional segment of the population. In addition, the diversified display of traditional publishing products and digital products in Wenxuan retail stores, Wenxuan and September can enable more readers to understand the products and realize the communication value in the process of book marketing

in terms of product supply, Wenxuan purchasing center uniformly purchases products for retail, Wenxuan and September, and integrates paper and digital product organizations; Unify the market strategy and consider the settlement of paper books and digital products as a whole. Therefore, we also suggest that publishers should combine the supply of the two types of products, coordinate the supply relationship, and comprehensively consider the cooperation and benefits of the two products

to adapt to market changes, traditional enterprises should learn to use new platforms and models to operate Internet business in an interconnected way.

it is understood that this year, Wenxuan has also developed digital library products for communities and schools. What are the key planning and development directions of Wenxuan next

Zhang Jian: digital libraries are mainly aimed at enterprises and institutions, schools/training schools, public institutions, etc. the product system includes primary and secondary school digital libraries, community digital libraries, enterprise (Professional) digital libraries, and public digital libraries. Wenxuan has developed a set of digital library products for primary and secondary schools to provide digital reading solutions from content to technology, which makes the universal tensile testing machine unable to carry out the case. At present, it is carrying out a pilot in Chenghua District, Chengdu

in the paper book era, Wenxuan is a strong channel seller; In the e-book era, this is still our goal. Wenxuan will implement major strategic transformation in three aspects: from traditional entity publishing to entity publishing + digital publishing, from product sales business model to product + service business model, and from production and operation to industrial operation + capital operation. In terms of strategic layout, we should establish a publishing and pushing platform for digital content, find the law of making books on the Internet, explore more functions and consumption patterns, better grasp the readers, and strive to hold every step of reading

the domestic e-commerce Book War has become white hot; The pattern of e-book field is uncertain, and the competition is extremely fierce. How will Wenxuan meet the challenge

Zhang Jian: Although Wenxuan is a traditional brand, it has always kept up with the pace of the times. Since the market environment and competition pattern have changed, we should learn to use new rules to adapt to the new market, and learn to use new platforms and models to operate new businesses

the book business in the Internet market is fiercely competitive, with giants gathering and new entrants pouring in. We hope to avoid the positive competition with the giants, and explore and find a suitable Internet book business model for Wenxuan by using the supply, logistics and traditional channel capabilities accumulated over the years

in terms of commodity organization, Wenxuan's unified procurement platform has been used to rapidly expand the variety of books to 600000. At the same time, a collaborative supply chain platform has been established with publishing houses. As soon as new books are supplied, information can be obtained and purchases can be made. The whole process is very fast. In terms of logistics and distribution, a special e-commerce warehouse and special operators and processes have been established, with a daily processing capacity of 10000 orders and a 24-hour distribution rate of more than 90%, forming a cash on delivery service in more than 100 large and medium-sized cities and a quick door-to-door delivery service in 1000 cities

in terms of competitive strategy, Wenxuan adopted the method of combination boxing. Using the mature sales channels and models of Internet, in addition to its own independent B2C mall Wenxuan, it has also opened up about 250 online sales channels, such as tmall store, paipai store, Amazon store, red child mother and Baby Book channel, to survive in the fierce cracks with an innovative online chain model. In addition, in the face of the e-book reading market with greater challenges and complex patterns, we quickly laid out the e-book reading market in September, and strive to explore a suitable and competitive e-book sales mode for Wenxuan. At present, we are still living, but we are still far away from the e-commerce giants. We can only continue to explore and make efforts

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