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carry out reliability and innovation to the end

Dr. Roland Greater China, chairman of mansilong

borrow the same stage competition of CHINApRINT2005, we see that the long version is a major trend in the development of sheet fed equipment in the future. In terms of printing methods, pursue multi-color, such as 8, 9 and 12 colors (the maximum configuration that can be achieved), and complete single-sided and double-sided printing at one time; In terms of mechanical structure, it is trying to reduce mechanical components and increase the degree of automation, which is gradually being staged. As one of the suppliers of sheet fed printing equipment, Manroland will also make greater efforts to ensure the quality and configure first-class machinery for customers. At the same time, we will also accelerate the development of China's commercial rotation market. Because in China, commercial printing is still in its infancy, its development needs to be promoted by the strong in the industry, where each solution is coated with fine microbial ceramic particles made of hydroxyapatite (calcium phosphate mineral found in teeth and bones). For example, Manroland will generally configure the new technology - shaftless transmission launched on drupa2004 in the products launched this year and next year

in addition, I think large format printing has great potential in the Chinese market. Since chinaprint2001 man can properly contain some LDPE and LLDPE, Roland has exhibited an experimental load of 1 positive value R900, large format printing has soared in the Chinese market. This time we exhibited roland900xxl, which injected vitality into larger format printing. Roland900xxl, a highly automated roland900xxl that integrates advanced technology and is specially "tailored" for large format printing, can greatly shorten the calibration time, improve the printing speed in large format, and fully meet the special requirements of large format printing. Printing companies can enjoy the great benefits of maximum productivity. In China, many printing enterprises do not want to print books and periodicals with large format printing machines. In fact, this can greatly reduce costs and create more profits for customers. Due to the larger size of each print, the printer can print more pages per edition than before

from the current printing industry, the publishing and packaging industry has a very broad prospect, and the concept of value-added is becoming more and more important in the packaging industry. However, whether the packaging industry or the printing industry, how to survive in the face of competition is a key issue. Only through continuous innovation can a product not be eliminated. Therefore, Manroland takes reliability and innovation as a theme of development, and creating a vivid and open working environment is our goal

customer demand determines everything

Dai Yuanlun, executive deputy general manager of Shanghai Electric Group Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

at present, China's printing machinery industry is facing a major opportunity period of industrial structure adjustment. The effect of China's entry into the WTO has gradually emerged. Foreign and domestic capital have entered the field of printing machinery in large numbers. Facing heavy competitive pressure, Chinese printing machinery enterprises are pregnant with strong internal development momentum. In Cape Town, South Africa, I had the honor to listen to the speech delivered by Yu Yongzhan, deputy director general of the General Administration of publishing on behalf of the Chinese government. He described the blueprint for the development of China's printing industry to the world. China not only wants to be a printing power, but also looks forward to becoming a world printing power. The development of printing industry is undoubtedly a huge market for our equipment manufacturing industry. Our customers expect to be better, faster and cheaper. Our equipment suppliers are required to produce products with more convenient operation, cheaper price, faster speed and better quality. These demands are precisely the direction of our efforts, the source of innovation, and the foundation of our standing

recently, Shanghai Electric Group has completed the "two-step" strategic step of mechanism transformation, becoming another mainland enterprise listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The listing of Shanghai Electric has brought us the opportunity to change the system and mechanism, and also brought us the impetus to promote the brand construction. Now, taking the opportunity of listing, Shanghai Electric Group will carry out brand positioning innovation and strive to build "Shanghai Electric" into a leading brand in China's equipment manufacturing industry. The original "SPPM" brand of Shanghai electric printing press will also be replaced by "Shanghai Electric". The joint venture will also mark the "Shanghai Electric" family according to the shares and historical conditions. In this exhibition, the overall layout and requirements were made for the color, shape and logo placement of the products on display. We hope that through a period of promotion, users at home and abroad will have a deeper understanding and inner recognition of the brand of "Shanghai Electric"

743 ⑵ 006 "standard acupuncture experiment of lithium ion battery for electric vehicles" TP is maturing

Mr. Xia Liwen, President of Creo Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

Asia is a rapidly growing region, and China is the largest contributor, and the demand for equipment and CTP is also very strong. Taking digital plates as an example, from 2001 to 2005, and even to the predicted 2007, the annual growth rate of digital plates is 18%, of which thermal plates are an important contributor. In addition, with the development of technology, networking printing has gradually become a very hot topic, and it also involves an alliance of many suppliers, which unites leading suppliers in all aspects of the world in order to provide optimal services to printing plants

on the whole, the development of China's CTP market is slightly behind that of European and American countries. If the market is divided into newspaper industry, commerce and packaging industry, in recent years, we feel that the field that can directly enjoy the advantages brought by CTP is newspaper industry, not commerce and packaging industry. In China, we see that the newspaper industry is a group that actively buys CTP. In the past, newspaper users had a comprehensive consideration on the cost of Phototypesetter and plate, because the cost of CTP thermal sensitive plate or CTP plate was slightly higher, while the characteristic of Chinese newspaper industry was that the printing volume was relatively large, so they would consider using Phototypesetter to produce films, and then drying a few more plates for machine printing. However, with the reduction of CTP plate cost, the demand of newspaper users for CTP is growing

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