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The industry chain revealed that the iPhone in 2020 is expected to be completely cancelled and all the bangs will be replaced by OLED screens

a lot of information has been revealed about this year's iPhone XL. Although the appearance has been changed, it is still difficult to impress consumers on the whole, because the problem of bangs reaching the effect of one machine with multiple functions has not been solved. However, according to the industrial chain, the latest news that we actually produce or make microporous, biodegradable and flexible shows that the iPhone in 2020 will completely solve this problem

it is reported that there will still be three iPhones in 2020, with sizes of 5.8, 6.06 and 6.4 inches, corresponding to the current iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max respectively. The iPhone XR will also use OLED screen, but the appearance of the three models will be different

the 5.8-inch and 6.4-inch iPhones use a new touch integrated OLED screen to reduce the body thickness. The two models continue to use cop packaging, while the 6.06 inch iPhone XR is in COF packaging

foreign media said that the high-end iPhone in 2020 will also completely eliminate bangs, adopt the design of off screen sensors, shrink the 3D recognition components again, and increase the proportion of screens. But it doesn't rule out that Apple will use screen fingerprint recognition to realize full screen

relatively speaking, the iPhone upgrade in 2020 is worth looking forward to. This year's three iPhones will only change the size of bangs. At the same time, the high-end version only has three shots, and the price is the same as last year. If we do not blindly pursue innovation, it is wise to change planes in 2020

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2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the effective control of the domestic epidemic, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is gradually changing under the strong strategic deployment of the national policy [details]

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