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Whether for safety reasons or for other purposes, many people will choose to fully enclose the balcony and then decorate it. Compared with the decoration of semi enclosed balcony, the emphasis of the decoration of fully enclosed balcony will certainly be different, and the places that need to be paid attention to will also be different. Then what should be paid attention to in the decoration of fully enclosed balcony? The editor of Wuhan home decoration network will tell you below

the selection of materials should be appropriate. Closed balconies generally use aluminum alloy or plastic steel profiles. The two materials have their own advantages, and the quality of aluminum alloy products and construction technology are relatively mature; Plastic steel profiles have good thermal insulation function. We can choose the best according to the needs, but we should pay attention to the construction party shoddy, Jerry built

when we close the balcony, we should pay attention to whether it is firmly sealed, whether it will be ventilated and whether it will leak rain. If it does, it needs to be done again. At the same time, the materials we choose should also have certain wind resistance, so that our safety can be guaranteed when the typhoon comes. In addition, the lower opening of the window sash is prone to water seepage. Generally, a gap of 2 cm is reserved under the window frame and filled with special sealant or cement. If there is a windowsill, make a running slope outward

balcony use safety. If you want to close the balcony as a leisure space, you need to consider the bearing problem of the balcony. Generally, the bearing capacity of the balcony per square meter should not exceed 400 kg. You must pay attention to it when arranging things

the above are the precautions for the decoration of fully enclosed balconies. At the same time, if there are many balconies at home, it is necessary to make a plan for the balcony before decoration, and choose the appropriate floor, wall and other decorative materials according to the use of space

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