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Bathroom usually has little space at home, but it is a filthy place in Feng Shui. If it is not properly decorated, it is easy to affect the luck of the family. Now many people are not short of money for decoration, so why not pursue Feng Shui and try to be lucky in decoration? Now let's take a look at what Feng Shui should be paid attention to in bathroom decoration

sanitary ware should not be in the center of the house

when buying a house, there is one kind that cannot be selected, that is, sanitary ware is in the center of the house, because the center of the house belongs to soil, while sanitary ware belongs to water, and sanitary ware in the center will lead to the situation of soil conquering water, which is unlucky in Feng Shui. Moreover, in terms of layout, the bathroom in the middle looks nondescript, contrary to the way of Feng Shui, and also affects the beauty

the kitchen and toilet are not the same door

some small houses have limited space. They often layout the bathroom and kitchen in the same place to save space. The kitchen and bathroom share the same door for access. Such a layout will make the texture unrestrained. It is even more unlucky to enter the kitchen after entering the bathroom

the color of the bathroom should not be too cold

in terms of the decoration of the bathroom itself, there is more yin in the bathroom, and the whole home needs to be reconciled with Yin and Yang, so the bathroom with more yin and Yang should not be decorated with cold elements, black and white, dark blue and other colors are not suitable. As far as possible, warm colors should be selected for decoration, and the colors are mainly earth color, beige, etc. It should be noted that the color of the bathroom does not only refer to the wall color, but also applies to some decorations and local decorations, as if all red is better than local

the mirrors in the bathroom should not be too many

the mirrors set in the bathroom are mostly used to correct the clothes. On the other hand, the mirror has another meaning. Generally, mirrors are often used to avoid and block evil spirits, and mirrors are not used for space decoration. If you open the bathroom door and see the mirror, it is unlucky. The common saying is that it is easy to attract Yin, or bring peach blossom, etc. Therefore, the number of mirrors in the bathroom should not be too much, and mirrors should not be used indiscriminately for decorative effects

sanitary ware should be kept clean and well ventilated

where filth comes out, we should pay more attention to hygiene, maintain air circulation, and speed up the dissipation of filthy gas in sanitary ware, which is also good for the health of family members

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Feng Shui in the living room, when placing mirrors, will have a lot of attention directly, and these will usually have a lot of needs, which are the same in terms of wealth and health. Do you know how to place Feng Shui mirrors in the living room? Let's have a look

do you know how to place the Feng Shui mirror in the living room?

Feng Shui in the living room pays attention to placing the mirror.

if the door in the home is in the pattern of heart piercing sword, the mirror can be placed on the screen inside the door with a flat mirror, which will be more effective in resolving the evil spirit of the pattern of heart piercing sword. In the feng shui of the mirror in the living room, the position of the mirror cannot be directly facing the table. If a mirror is facing the table, part of the owner's anger will be reflected off, affecting health

the mirror represents the contradiction between illusion and reality, and the old saying "flowers in the mirror, moon in the water" represents an unrealistic ideal. In the feng shui of the mirror in the living room, the placement of the mirror is also very particular. There are many taboos on the placement of the mirror, and you should pay special attention to it most of the time. The taboo of placing the mirror is not to face yourself, nor should it be aligned with the auspicious position

if there is a long corridor in the home, the mirror should be placed on both sides, and the flat mirror should be hung alternately, so that the Qi pulse in the home can be unobstructed

what are the Feng Shui taboos when placing mirrors in the living room

※ don't look at the gods in the mirror

if the mirror is facing the God table, it will not only be disrespectful to the gods, but also cause a bad shock. Let the gods who originally stayed at home to bless you leave because of the shock generated by the mirror

※ don't look at the door with the mirror

don't put the mirror directly in front of the door. This will make the door god and the God of wealth scared away by the mirror God, which is to block the meaning of the God of wealth. In addition, if you are a businessman, it will lead to bad business and money over loan

※ the mirror cannot look at the door

the mirror cannot face the door of the room, because the mirror has a mirror God, and each door also has a door god, so if the mirror faces the door, it will scare away the door god who normally protects us, and make the room easy to get stuck

※ don't embed in the ceiling

mirrors are on the ceiling. People below usually consume gas, money and health, so Hotels with many mirrors should go less. There is a doggerel that says, "when the mirror is down, you fight all day long; when the mirror is up, your family is not prosperous"

※ the mirror cannot shine on the toilet door

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