Jackie Chan was exposed to buy 3.8 billion preside

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According to Taiwan media reports, the founder of EVA group, zhangrongfa, died in 2016. He had a luxury private plane, which cost 1.8 billion Taiwan dollars, about 380million yuan, and took a year to complete. Moreover, the plane was personally supervised by his only son in his second room. The degree of luxury can be imagined. This plane is decorated very luxuriously, and its interior is made of top-level materials. There are also meeting rooms and bedrooms inside. It has everything in it. It is one of the world's top luxury private planes

however, it has been reported recently that the "President's special plane" has been sold in a low-key way, and the person who took over is Kung Fu superstar Jackie Chan, and Jackie Chan has started to refit. The airline also confirmed that the plane has indeed been sold in March, but other specific details cannot be disclosed for the time being

Jackie Chan has been in the business for many years, his career is blooming everywhere, and his family property is naturally growing day by day. He had his own private plane earlier, and this time he bought another one, but he also wants to change a bigger one. Jackie Chan's company has many staff. If the news is true, it will be more convenient for him to travel in the "family class" in the future

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