Qianding door successfully held staff training

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As the saying goes, if you want to be the first, you must first put the standard first, because the standard determines the level, and you should always take the first as the goal

as the saying goes, if you want to be the first, you must first put the standard first, because the standard determines the level, and you should always aim at the first! As a well-known brand in Chongqing wooden door industry, Qianding wooden door has always attached great importance to product quality standards, and high standards and strict requirements have always been their production principles. In order to ensure product quality, improve the sales service skills of salespersons, and serve customers in a better state, recently, Qianding door industry specially invited teacher Xieyu, who gathered and guided, to the scene to conduct an effective and practical training for the company's management, so as to make full preparations for Qianding door industry in the next fierce market competition

the staff of Qianding door industry warmly welcomed the arrival of teacher Xie Yu. In the training course, teacher Xie mentioned "three thinking", namely responsibility thinking, achievement thinking and wolf thinking, which aroused great interest of the staff. Then, teacher Xie analyzed these three thoughts in detail and explained how to establish such thinking habits. First of all, as a leader of grass-roots employees, we need to "set an example and teach by example rather than by words". Secondly, people's progress is due to a sense of crisis. Moreover, high standards and strict requirements are required

during the explanation, the teacher's impassioned voice echoed in the classroom, and the employees' eyes flashed, absorbing knowledge hungrily. Through teacher Xie's explanation, they have a new understanding of management, sales and production, and also inspired them to think about practical problems. Many employees said that they benefited a lot, making them more professional and more confident to meet the next challenges. After the explanation, we watched the video about gratitude together. We need to be grateful in life in order to accumulate more strength and continue to move forward

after the training, Li from the sales department and the factory director of the production department all delivered their learning speeches. They all believed that such training activities were of great practical significance. Only by building a good team can we better carry out production and sales. I believe that this training meeting will continue to improve the management ability of leaders. As long as they have firm faith, start from the overall situation, support and help each other, and will not be timid in the face of problems, then everything can be easily solved

Qianding door industry will be strict with itself according to higher standards in the future, transform knowledge into practical applications, and improve its level, so as to provide customers with better products and services. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Only by taking each step well and steadily can we go further! I believe that Qianding door industry, under the leadership of the leaders and the close cooperation of the whole team, will be able to climb the peak again





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