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Smart lock limited franchise, unlimited development prospects, entrepreneurship and wealth is no longer difficult

according to the statistics of relevant institutions, the market scale of smart locks will reach 100 billion in the next decade. The era of traditional door locks is about to pass, and the next decade will be the golden age of intelligent locks. German dog intelligent lock, which integrates safety, intelligence and convenience, is deeply sought after by the post-80s and post-90s target consumer groups, opening a new round of golden business opportunities in the intelligent security industry

under the Internet + mode, German dog will create a large platform for safe life directly operated by "o2o+c2m+ new retail" factories. The franchisees of German dog are not simple dealers and agents, but our direct dealers. We remove the intermediate links and provide services directly to consumers face to face. Consumers can get extremely high-quality products at factory prices, and the direct dealers can make profits from them

o2o: "online drainage, offline service", German dog direct shopping mall rush to attack the mobile Internet, help you attract customers to the store online, and realize o2o closed-loop marketing

c2m: from the factory to the consumer, there is no intermediate link. The product styles of the experience store are diverse, and the price is clearly marked. One store can meet the safety needs of consumers

new retail: the product of consumption upgrading. The store pays attention to consumer experience, and purchase is only one of them. At the same time, it extends services to meet the all-round needs of consumers

why do so many entrepreneurs choose German dogs? Because German dog carefully manages every experience store! Under the new retail model of German dog, the German dog experience store has six ways to make profits, six times as much. At the same time, it provides entrepreneurs with all-round entrepreneurial support, making it easier for you to open a store

affordable investment

the investment cost of the store has been repeatedly evaluated and calculated by experts, saving investors the cost of opening a store

professional site selection

German dog professionals analyze and select from a professional perspective, help franchisees quickly find stores with high cost performance, crack down on "good shops are difficult to find problems", and provide decoration design schemes for free

business school training

after signing the cooperation, you can enjoy the 15 day German dog business school training. In addition, Gangfeng, a famous teacher in the industry, teaches the top secret terminal fingerprint lock landing marketing method, and zero foundation can also open a store quickly


German dog puts on ground advertisements such as bus, community and elevator every year, assists franchise stores in promoting community activities, and comprehensively publicizes all experience stores, online drainage and offline customers

logistics and distribution

the company has established and improved the production, supply and transportation network to ensure that franchise stores receive product supply in time, and it is easier to operate without pressing goods

store inspection supervision

special personnel from the headquarters pay irregular return visits to franchise stores, summarize problems in operation, make strategic planning, and improve competitiveness

now German dog is opening to join in in limited quantities. If you are interested in German dog smart lock and want to open a popular German dog experience store, please contact us! Get detailed joining information for free. The super popular German dog intelligent lock has been waiting for you





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