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Unicom and Guangzhou Post released the "havoc in heaven" series watches on June 1

Zhang Guoying, director of the Guangdong provincial customs Working Committee, personally put on children's watches for children

on June 1, Guangzhou huachenghui square was bustling, and many children shouted that their parents would take me to havoc in heaven. It turned out that this was a special children's Day event jointly hosted by Guangzhou Unicom and Guangzhou Post. The two companies released children's watches, wo fluorite, stamps of the "havoc in heaven" and other magic weapons of the "havoc in heaven" series. Zhang Guoying, director of the provincial customs Working Committee, personally brought Guangzhou Unicom children's watches to the children. It is gratifying that Guangzhou Unicom and Guangzhou Post also announced 100 children's toilets to the society, presenting a gift to the 61, and also bravely taking responsibility for the society with practical actions

journey to the West theme experience, make a big fuss and gradually break the monopoly barrier of multinational brands. The magic weapon of palace is up to you to choose.

at the event site, children and parents know many magic weapons better than Qianliyan and shunfenger, among which two new scientific and technological products, children's safety watch and wolverine, are the most popular

the children wore cute gold hoops and made havoc around the monkey king, hoping to have the magic children's watches from Huaguo Mountain. Zhang Guoying, director of the provincial customs Working Committee, walked onto the stage, bent down and personally put on children's watches for each child, and had a cordial conversation with the children, wishing the children safe travel and healthy growth. Pink and blue, the children were very excited, and showed their new magic weapons one after another, and the laughter added a strong festival atmosphere. The media at the event rushed to report and record the wonderful moments

the children's safety watch launched for primary and secondary school children has very powerful functions, including SOS emergency help, family call, safety positioning query, track tracking playback, electronic fence and remote monitoring. With a safety watch, parents can always know the trace of their children and their children can master it safely. It is understood that the safety watch sells for only a few hundred yuan and has been popular with Guangzhou citizens since its launch. In this way, the little monkey king caused havoc in the heavenly palace, and he could not escape from the palm of the Tathagata Buddha

the holiday is coming soon. Little monkeys are playing at home. How do you know if there is a riot? Wo fluorite is a scientific and technological product for family safety care. Through the fluorite client on, parents can easily view real-time videos and historical videos at home; It can receive the abnormal information alarm at home immediately, and take safety protection measures at the first time; You can not miss the growth of your child when you are busy working; And you can share the most interesting bits of life with your relatives and friends

Guangzhou Unicom took the new application of smart city as the theme, and also demonstrated several of the most popular app applications on site, including Guangzhou Unicom, Woxing smart and wojingmintong. Many children followed the app teacher at the scene, learned to query the real-time bus with Woxing smart, and became their mother's little helper for traffic guidance. Now I feel more powerful than Monkey King! Said Lele, a child in grade one

Guangzhou Unicom actively participated in the construction of smart Guangzhou, and its convenience products launched by integrating the resources and forces of all sectors of society have been highly praised by the public. Leaders of the provincial customs Working Committee, provincial and municipal post offices, and the urban investment group highly recognized the efforts made by Guangzhou Unicom, and experienced the fruitful results of the construction of Unicom's smart Guangzhou with the majority of children on the scene

Guangzhou Post launched a journey to the West themed post office activity, which was also very popular. Children have a lot of fun in the 3D paintings of havoc in heaven, Monkey King dolls, DIY postcards, and children's theme stamp exhibition. They can also buy stamps of havoc in heaven

Orange joins hands with green apple, and 100 children's toilets shine in Yangcheng

the activity site is colorful. Orange Unicom, green post, and universal material experimental machine are no exception, breaking through the traditional style. They appear in two lovely cartoon images, sincerity orange and green apple, respectively, and are welcomed and loved by children. With Zhang Guoying, director of the provincial customs Working Committee, Shu Zhaoping, deputy general manager of Guangdong Unicom, Zhang Xiaohong, deputy general manager of Guangdong Post, and Zhu Zhigang, chairman of urban investment group, jointly lighting up the map of "orange and green apple toilets", 100 children's public welfare toilets in the City were officially launched. This is not only a special gift for International Children's Day, but also an action model for the two central enterprises to practice corporate society. A special commemorative cover was also issued, and Zhang Guoying, director of the provincial customs Working Committee, inscribed on the cover to wish children a happy holiday and healthy growth

just a month ago, in order to solve the difficulties of children traveling to the toilet, Guangzhou Unicom first launched the orange children's toilet project, and Guangzhou Post responded to participate in it at the first time. After a month of careful preparation, the children's bathroom finally met the children on International Children's Day. In the orange toilet of Guangzhou Unicom, I saw many warm details, orange warm reminders, orange small steps for children, lovely orange shaped hand sanitizer, etc., all of which surprised the children

<600 tons of sales in that year; SVW low-temperature water-soluble vinylon successfully replaced the imported product of kola Li from Japan. Mr. Chen, the parent, said that usually he can only rely on the resources of large shopping malls, but after all, it is limited. Now, enterprises link their own stores and provide convenience for citizens through practical actions. It's really love! Guangzhou Unicom also actively appeals to the society, hoping that more loving enterprises will join the ranks of loving children and help children grow up healthily through practical actions

2014, love foam granule machine children, we are in action

Guangzhou Unicom and Guangzhou Post announced the 2014 love children action timeline at the same time. As a communication operator, Guangzhou Unicom has been committed to applying advanced technology to the field of children's safety. This year, it will successively hold popular science activities such as children's safety knowledge into the community, children's safety knowledge into schools, children's safety knowledge competition, children's safety watch experience, and will also carry out the activity of sending love packages to self-study link account experience. The wonderful activities throughout the year are not only deeply expected by children, but also welcomed by parents

Guangzhou Unicom said that as a sensible corporate citizen, participating in science popularization education and paying attention to the growth of children also made the enterprise gain a lot. In addition to business, there are still many meaningful social work worthy of our participation. We also call on more people who love enterprises and have aspirations to join us, so as to bring a better tomorrow to lovely children and the city we live in

group photo of staff at the special event of children's Day jointly hosted by Guangzhou Unicom and Guangzhou Post

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