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The dual identity of Unicom customer and Deere's window customer support department in John Deere

the dual identity of Unicom customer and Deere's window customer support department in John Deere

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listening to customers' voices and meeting customers' needs is the most successful experience of John Deere in the practice of localization. Listen to customers' opinions in the process of product development, constantly accept users' feedback in the process of product verification, and absorb the improvement suggestions of operators in the process of customer visits. These responsibilities are concentrated in the daily work of John Deere customer support department

John Deere's year-on-year decline was 61%. The customer support department is a team composed of industry elites. Years of on-site service experience and dealer training experience have made them deeply aware of users' needs, and they can often look at problems from the perspective of users. Among the many product and component development projects led by the Department, the longest and most representative unqualified products found in sampling inspection are usually the development of rock bucket with the unqualified transverse or longitudinal tensile strength of paper accounting for the majority

dtac platform targets the needs of customers in Southwest China

Southwest China is rich in limestone, non-ferrous metals and other minerals, so many construction machinery are used in mining plants and stone factories. Customers pay more attention to the working efficiency and attendance rate of equipment, and have higher requirements for the reliability and durability of equipment. Although strictly speaking, the 20 ton excavator is not suitable for mining operations, in order to make Chinese users "make the best use of everything", John Deere plans to develop a rock bucket dedicated to the mining operations of the 20 ton excavator in addition to the general-purpose bucket and heavy-duty bucket

once the demand is locked, the development of components will be incorporated into Deere's strict EPDP product (component) development process, which is controlled by the rock bucket project team of the customer support department (hereinafter referred to as the project team) throughout the process, from the release of requirements to the trial production and mass production of products. This process connects all departments related to the project, and standardizes strict standards for time nodes and product quality. In popular terms, it is "dancing with shackles", and the design of the whole product or component follows this process

build a product blueprint to solicit opinions from front-line customers

after several days of efforts by the project team and colleagues in the R & D department, the product description and three-dimensional model of the rock bucket were successfully built. John Deere invited representative mine customers in Guizhou through the dealer's channels to explain products to customers in the form of ppt on site, with the purpose of letting customers put forward valuable suggestions for improvement

the trip to Guizhou was fruitful, and they understood the real needs of customers. The customer hopes to make the bucket narrower, so as to obtain greater cutting force when excavating and moving gravel, and the bucket teeth and blade plates should also be stronger and wear-resistant. After returning to Tianjin, the project team convened the design department again to adjust the product model and design parameters, and finally sorted out the design scheme that meets the needs of customers, which is only the first step of the long march

the sample was successfully offline and obtained preliminary approval.

the production of the sample is a key link in the whole component development process. The project communication meeting held for it is also of unprecedented scale. The project team has successively convened relevant colleagues from the company's marketing, R & D, production, process, quality and procurement departments. This is because the quality of bucket material selection and every link in the production process are related to whether the sample can meet the design requirements. It requires the coordination of various departments in the release method to ensure the successful offline of the sample. "When coordinating the project implementation progress of various departments, it is inevitable to encounter resistance and obstacles. Once everyone realizes that the promotion of the project is to meet the needs of customers, all disputes can be shelved", said the project manager of the project team when talking about how he persuaded the heads of other departments

in the process of sample trial production, even a slight deviation such as insufficient welding penetration will cause the disqualification of the sample. Therefore, the team members of the project team always pay attention to the details of each production link, track the production progress and supervise the production process. Two months later, the sample of Shidou was finally successfully offline and obtained the preliminary approval of the customer, thus entering the stage of site verification and field verification

forge ahead to create industrial products

the reliability of the bucket can be verified by technical means in the field such as finite element analysis and stress test, but the durability must be put into the actual working conditions and proved by time. Deere uses the form of free trial samples for mine customers, so that it can withstand countless times of friction and collision with rocks on the construction site

during the durability test for more than half a year, the project team came to the customer's construction site in batches and several times to observe the wear degree of the bucket in stages, carefully listen to the feedback of the operator and the customer, and feed back the design requirements to the design and production departments one by one

finally, the rock bucket sample of John Deere finally withstood the severe test under the stonework condition, reached the design requirement of 2000 hours without abnormal wear, and achieved mass production at the end of 2015. John Deere customers in Southwest China also have a new choice of the original rock bucket when purchasing new machines, avoiding buying uneasy products in the mixed parts market

"in the face of customers and dealers, I represent John Deere; in the face of John Deere, I am the customer", said the project manager of the rock bucket project team when describing the dual identity of the customer support department. Whether it is the R & D project of rock bucket or the product improvement of handle and foot operated control valve to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator, in the long-term work of customer support, Deere's customer support department has gradually formed a working habit of thinking about problems from the perspective of customers. In the product development and improvement projects led by this team, we always take listening and meeting customers' needs as the core, and gradually make John Deere products win the hearts of Chinese users in the process of localization

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