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Using AOC c27n2h computer monitor evaluation and price configuration performance evaluation introduction

AOC c27n2h computer monitor is a new model in 2019. How about this AOC c27n2h computer monitor? Let's take a look at the experience, price and configuration as follows. I hope it can help you choose and refer to it

I. AOC c27n2h computer display hands-on experience:

aoc c27n2h computer display JD grows grass, and JD logistics is super fast. The packaging is well done, special carton + foam, after opening 2 The pointer rotation axis is dirty, and the screen has a strong sense of integration. The surface +2k, which is what I want. The display effect is very good. I am very satisfied with working + watching videos. What I don't get effectively recycled is the adjustable arm, which can be adjusted freely. Although the 27 inch is a little larger than expected, it is still quite satisfactory. This minimalist idea is very consistent with my style. The display is really very good. The perfect screen has no bright spots and bad spots. 2K. The display effect is satisfactory. Look at the photos, the colors are clear and correct, and the industrial design is good. Of course, office is convenient. You can open two documents at the same time and arrange them side by side. It is very convenient to use. What attracts me is the related problems of the curved rigid plastic impact tester. 2K, it can be hung on the wall and has rich interfaces

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I. AOC 27 inch display c27n2h jd.com activity price:

AOC 27 inch 1500r supercurved surface HDMI interface is naturally elegant and fashionable, bright base narrow frame computer display c27n2h

jd.com flash purchase price: ¥ 948.00

jd.com activity quotation link:

II. AOC 27 inch display c27n2h configuration parameters:

III AOC 27 inch monitor c27n2h other user comments:

AOC c27n2h computer monitor has been used for three days. I feel very good. The screen size is just right, which is very suitable for office and code typing. Of course, the effect of watching movies is also very good. The whole screen is perfect, without any light leakage, and the overall appearance is also very good-looking. It is a very good shopping experience with good quality and low price. In addition, JD's delivery speed is also very fast. It is recommended to buy this screen

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