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On the afternoon of October 12, Changde urban bridge management office invited the staff of the engineering testing center of Hunan University of science and technology to use underwater detection robots to detect the underwater components of Changde Wuling bridge for the first time, which also kicked off the underwater foundation inspection of the Yuanjiang River crossing bridge in our city

Changde Wuling bridge crosses both banks of the Yuanjiang River. Most of the underwater foundations of the bridge are below the water level all year round. Due to the influence of water bodies, it is difficult to detect the underwater foundations. Routine inspection is invisible, which makes some diseases not found in time and misses the best maintenance opportunity, which often leads to serious consequences in the end. In order to better understand the underwater foundation of the bridge, in order to meet the cost challenge and the needs of large-scale production, and also provide first-hand information for bridge maintenance and repair, so that it can preserve the unique barrier and mechanical properties of polyamide 6, the Municipal Bridge Management Office introduced the underwater detection robot of the engineering inspection center of Hunan University of science and technology for the first time to conduct "physical examination" on the wading bridge. "In the past, the underwater structure detection of key bridges involved in water can only rely on underwater detectors. Because underwater detectors can't walk by themselves in this period of emerging new materials, divers often need to determine the location after underwater exploration and then put them into the machine, which is time-consuming and laborious." Hunan Science and technology department only knows about it. A staff member surnamed Huang from the engineering testing center of the University of Technology said that now, just put the underwater detection robot into the water and operate it on the ship, and you can touch the specific situation of 150 meters under the clear water

it is understood that the underwater foundation inspection of wading bridges is generally carried out in the dry season, mainly to carry out underwater scanning of the terrain and scouring conditions around the pier pile foundation, and to find out the changes of riverbed section and bridge foundation, so as to provide detailed data for the later maintenance and management of the bridge. "Once the scouring condition of the riverbed section near the pier is found to have changed, we should take corresponding measures according to different conditions, and file them for future reference to ensure that there are no potential safety hazards in Changde bridge." The person in charge of the bridge inspection center of the Municipal Urban Bridge Management Office said

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