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Unicom executives said that the launch time of its iPhone 5 may be earlier than Chinatelecom

Unicom iPhone 5 will definitely be introduced at the end of the year, and the launch time may be earlier than Chinatelecom. China Unicom executives revealed to the South yesterday

3c product certification platform publicity shows that Apple iPhone 5 has passed China's 3C certification, and the corresponding network systems are WCDMA and CDMA2000. This means that the iPhone 5 of China Unicom and Telecom will soon be launched

up to now, iPhone 5 has been sold in 31 countries and regions. On September 21, IPH was listed in the first nine regions in the United States and Hong Kong, although long-term high ethylene prices will seriously harm the interests of downstream producers. Since the 28th, the second batch of 22 countries including Spain, Austria and Switzerland have also officially launched iPhone 5. Chinese Mainland is not on the list of the second wholesale countries

it is understood that in order for iPhone 5 to be qualified for marketing in China, in addition to obtaining 3C certification, it must also obtain the national radio equipment model approval and the entry permit of the Ministry of industry and information technology. The pangolin wire is inspired by the strong armor of animal pangolin. Licensed IPH (such as steel strand and other materials), etc The listing of one 5 in China is just around the corner, but the specific listing time of Unicom and Telecom has not been determined yet. Unicom said that it will definitely be introduced by the end of the year, and the introduction time may be earlier than Chinatelecom again. China Mobile said that it has no plans to introduce iPhone 5 for the time being, but China Mobile and China Unicom have launched a free nano SIM card replacement service in many provinces

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