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EVA check-in of EVA, the customer service robot of EVA airlines in the AI intelligent era

EVA Airlines recently announced that it has entered the AI intelligent era. The AI text customer service robot EVA officially checks in and joins the customer service team to provide 24-hour services. People can get answers to questions through EVA's professional text customer service at any time, regardless of region or time, through EVA airline officials or apps. It is a good helper of digital services in the new era

EVA Airways pointed out that EVA Airways' text customer service robot is fully integrated with the company's back office system to provide the most immediate and correct information. AI intelligent customer service is the first line to provide passengers with nearly 500 professional knowledge inquiries, such as reservation ticketing, flight arrival and departure time, special needs, official and app ticket purchasing consultation, baggage quota consultation, basic airport transportation, so that passengers can use more intuition Flexible and independent way to query various services

EVA Airways said that if AI intelligent customer service cannot answer, passengers can transfer to special service during normal working hours as long as they log in as a member. In this way, the cooperation between AI intelligent customer service and human service will effectively improve the efficiency of customer service

EVA Airways said that in recent years, the construction of communication networks has been improved, and the rapid popularization of mobile communication devices has driven the vigorous development of social media and instant messaging platforms. Instant messaging software has quickly replaced the tradition with text, sound and image integrated communication services, and has become an indispensable communication channel for modern people to use every day

EVA Airways further pointed out that the intelligence and modulus of elasticity and maximum experimental power of the text robot depend on how to "teach" him, just like the learning process of a newborn baby's response. During the development of this robot system, about 30000 sentences of conversational corpus were instilled to gradually put the robot on track. In particular, the semantics of Chinese are diverse and highly complex, and travel dialogues are often mixed with Chinese and English, It is more difficult to teach robots to pay attention to the challenge of turning off the main motor source

a supervisor surnamed long, who has 20 years of customer service experience in the R & D team, joked that when the robot EVA answers questions that are not relevant and cannot be taught repeatedly, it's really like teaching his own children's homework, and he should curb the impulse to lose his temper! ", In the future, the whole team will also play the role of editor: in my opinion, I will closely observe EVA's answer to questions every day, continue to teach her natural language understanding ability, teach her more professional knowledge, and provide more diversified services

EVA aviation pointed out that EVA aviation text robot EVA currently provides traditional Chinese services before the official and app in the first stage. In the future, it will gradually provide services in other social communication software channels and different language versions according to the results and needs

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