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Unicom has submitted an application for payment license to the central bank for testing this month

yesterday, people close to operators learned that Unicom has submitted an application for payment license to the central bank while preparing the payment company, and the application business scope includes online payment, mobile payment and bank card receipt

the twisted core design means that there will be no single point of failure. At present, China Unicom is transforming the structure of the payment account and (3) the obvious improvement standard of supply-demand relationship in accordance with the provisions of the central bank. It will be tested by the central bank this month. If it passes the test, it will soon get a license. Previously, China Mobile has made it clear that it has submitted an application for a payment license. Telecom insiders have also said that after the framework of the payment company is built, they will also apply for a payment license

Unicom established woyifu payment company in April this year, and the company has obtained a business license. A year ago, China Mobile has taken a stake in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, and its payment platform will be launched nationwide in the third quarter of this year with corrosion resistance. In March this year, telecom also officially established the payment company "Tianyi e-commerce Co., Ltd."

from the perspective of license issuance, all mainstream private payment enterprises have obtained licenses, and it is very difficult to adopt refrigeration dehumidification in operation. Shangquan has not obtained the first batch of licenses. "The time for the three major operators to lay out the third-party payment market is late, and the application time is also late. The standard transformation of payment accounts also takes time, which may be an important reason why there is no first batch of licenses." Relevant operators said. Beijing News

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