The hottest Unicom cloud data company joins hands

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On August, China Unicom cloud data company, Alibaba and China Data Center Industry Alliance gathered at the Langfang base of cloud data company to conduct in-depth exchanges on the management of Yunwei 41 prestressed tendon anchorage, clamp and connector foundation of the data center, and the ability improvement of technical personnel, In addition, China National Academy of architectural design, Runze and other organizations jointly held a technical Salon of CSMC green data center on the topics of green operation and maintenance management, energy conservation and emission reduction. Until then, the performance of different materials can be compared. Therefore, the data center infrastructure maintenance elite talent training plan jointly constructed by the three parties has been promoted to a substantive stage. In the future, the three parties will also establish a joint training base, and strive to build a Huangpu Military Academy that breeds Chinese data center operation and maintenance talents

cloud data company has been committed to exploring new methods and means to improve the professional skills of operation and maintenance. Recently, a new talent training system integrating traditional training and base training has been established with the goal of cultivating and cultivating professional operation and maintenance teams, integrating internal and external high-quality resources. The data center operation and maintenance elite talent training plan established by the three parties is a positive and beneficial exploration for improving the professional skills of data center operation and maintenance talents and enriching the talent reserve

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