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The understanding of green packaging should not be one-sided

in recent years, more and more environment-friendly packaging materials have been used, the market share has gradually increased, the technical content is higher and higher, and some products have reached the international advanced level. However, people concerned believe that the current development of green packaging in China is still one-sided

◆ one sided understanding of the concept of green packaging in many people's consciousness, green packaging is often one-sided understood as the greening of packaging products. Packaging products made of degradable materials are mistakenly regarded as green packaging, without asking whether the production of packaging products causes environmental pollution and resource waste, and without asking about the reuse of packaging products after use, so there are some wrong understandings of green packaging. For example, paper packaging is always regarded as green packaging, while plastic packaging is placed on the opposite side of green packaging, and even put forward the theory of polyethylene toxicity and the slogan of comprehensively implementing paper instead of plastic

in fact, second, green packaging considers the impact of packaging on the environment from the whole life cycle of products. Paper packaging does not meet the requirements of green packaging if it is recycled improperly, while plastic packaging is advocated by green packaging if it achieves the goals of reduction and recycling

◆ regardless of national conditions, comprehensively replacing plastic with paper has the advantages that other packaging materials can't replace, and comprehensively banning plastic will cause greater packaging pollution. China's forest resources are limited, and the pollution of other raw materials in papermaking is also difficult to control. It is neither realistic nor environmentally friendly to fully implement the policy of replacing plastic with paper HP. Moreover, even in developed countries that strictly promote green packaging, it is difficult to make sure that plastic is the fastest-growing packaging material. The main measure to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment is to strengthen the recycling control, not only Nike, Adidas, Chanel, 3star, Anta and other domestic and foreign first-line brands. Therefore, at present, many important links of green packaging in China, such as the reduction of packaging materials, the recycling and recycling of packaging waste, have not received corresponding attention. The related green packaging industry is also very underdeveloped, especially the recycling industry of packaging waste is still very backward

◆ the development of different enterprises in different regions is unbalanced. First of all, different enterprises implement green packaging at different times, and the first to implement green packaging are export-oriented enterprises. Affected by the international market, such enterprises have an early understanding of green packaging and quickly adjusted their packaging strategies. However, enterprises mainly in the domestic market have been slow to respond to green packaging, and have only begun to set foot in green packaging in recent years. Secondly, the development among regions is uneven. The green packaging in economically developed regions has developed rapidly, while the central and western regions with relatively backward economy have not received enough attention and publicity, and the development is slow

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