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Uni machinery and BMW lattice sing the service harmony to help them "run fast in small steps"

"walking alone is fast, and all walks are far away." Only the win-win cooperation and common development that share weal and woe is the right path of the world trend

in the long history of one hundred years, with its unique brand charm and innovation strength, BMW lattice has attracted many advanced engineering equipment agents at home and abroad to gather together to evaluate the anti pendulum impact energy value of film samples with this energy, forge ahead, and present one surprise after another for end users and the whole industry

Beijing Uni Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as uni machinery) is one of them. Since joining hands in 2010, uni machinery and BMG have won the trust and support of road machinery users with high quality and sincerity, and sang the most beautiful harmony of service, making baomag a "shoulder" in the sales field of road machinery in Beijing Hebei region

Lu Gang, service manager of Beijing Uni Machinery Co., Ltd.

strong alliances, collaborative efforts to "fight the world"

in recent years, China has become increasingly competitive, brand concentration has become higher and higher, and the living space of non first-line brand agents has been greatly compressed. In this context, only by acting as an agent for first-line brand products can agents win a place in the fierce market competition, which is well understood by uni machinery

the considerate service of uni machinery has prompted more and more customers to choose BMW lattice equipment

"uni machinery has been acting for BMW lattice since 2010, which is based on the fact that BMW lattice is a world-famous brand, its mechanical compaction concept and technology are world-leading, and its customer recognition and market share are relatively high."

the person in charge of uni machinery said that uni machinery has been deeply involved in the industry for many years and has represented many well-known brands in the road machinery industry. With the change of customers' demand for high-end brands and advanced equipment in the road machine market in recent years, equipment with advanced technology, good actual operation effect and high equipment stability and less failure rate is more favored by customers

for this reason, after becoming a BMW lattice agent, uni quickly expanded its business scale to improve service quality

"we set the service radius within 200 kilometers to ensure that the service engineers arrive at the scene within hours. Headquartered in Beijing, there are three offices and three equipment warehouses in Shijiazhuang, Zhangjiakou and Tangshan, which are inventoried every month and supplemented in time; the service personnel are staffed with a service vehicle. The above advantages make the BMW lattice products represented by uni machinery rapidly increase in the road machine market."

according to the person in charge of the company, acting for a big brand like BMW lattice not only improves the company's image, but also enhances the employees' sense of honor. Today, uni machinery has grown into an excellent agent of BMW grid pavement equipment in Beijing and Hebei

build public praise and support the market with high-quality services

Beijing Hebei region has always been a prosperous province in the sales of construction machinery. After uni machinery acted as the agent of BMW grid, BMW grid has developed rapidly in the Beijing Hebei market. As a leading brand in the world construction machinery market, in addition to excellent quality, high-quality service is the only magic weapon to impress users

"when another user in Qinhuangdao had the second equipment of BMW lattice in Arkansas, some parts were sent to the Beijing headquarters due to logistics reasons, and we drove the parts to the customer overnight; we helped the Zhangjiakou customer solve the problem of equipment use overnight, which led to the customer's second purchase. A month later, the user purchased another BMW lattice 900C."

in the memory of LV Gang, the service manager of uni machinery, there are countless examples of such services. "Either serving users or on the way to serving users." Lu Gang described his working state after joining uni machinery in this way, but in his words, he is honored to participate in the development of BMW lattice brand in China

in 2018, BMW grid made a new plan for its global service: agents are required to carry out routine maintenance services for sold vehicles at least five times a year; Carry out the service plan of "hundred talents introduction plan" to help agents recruit more high-quality service personnel; By cooperating with a third party to establish a training mechanism, systematic training on the operation and maintenance of paver operators is carried out, so that customers can get more assured use and more stable returns after purchasing pavers

"BMW grid roller has a large number of shares in the Beijing market. We provide tracking services and replacement services to key customers, and the value preservation rate of BMW grid roller II is high. Compared with roller, BMW grid paver is a 'new product' for Chinese customers, and users need professionals to provide them with additional value-added services such as use guidance after purchasing pavers. Now customers have higher and higher requirements for the timeliness of services, and they are more professional Sexual requirements are becoming stronger and stronger, especially the temperature requirements of asphalt paving are very high. If unprofessional service personnel go to the site, they can't solve the customer's problems. "

Lu Gang said that the professional dealer service personnel like him at uni machinery have passed the strict certification of BMW lattice training department. They not only understand the service spirit of BMW lattice, but also implement it to the end

this is a group of dedicated and hardworking teams that can remix the color masterbatch in all kinds of conventional plastic granulator equipment, and then use it. Service engineers like LV gang are the spokesmen of the spirit of BMW lattice. Wherever they go, they will bring the unlimited sincerity of BMW lattice. It is their professionalism and dedication that make BMW lattice gain a good market reputation

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