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Unicom integrates network and business resources to launch mobile Internet portal

recently, the author learned that China Unicom has integrated WCDMA advantage network and rich business resources to comprehensively launch mobile Internet portal - wal portal. Wo portal () is a comprehensive portal that China Unicom provides users with value-added service content services. Among them, wo · 3G smart portal, which is carefully built for 3G users, integrates Unicom's own high-quality value-added services such as TV, music, wo store, wo reading, newspaper, business hall, etc. users can fully feel the extraordinary charm of Unicom's 3G network in order to reduce self-esteem and fuel consumption through various channels of Wo portal, Convenient and fast use of rich content applications on the mobile Internet

Wo portal provides users with a shopping mall that enjoys wonderful business, provides applications and services that match the interfaces of various mobile terminals, and provides a full range of information such as film and television, music, games, culture, education, traffic, business, life and so on in this 5 square kilometer park. It is understood that through the TV business mainly promoted by China Unicom wal portal, users can watch more than 120 live channels and more than 200000 minutes of on-demand programs, covering more than 10 categories, such as sports, entertainment, culture, finance and economics. During the World Cup last year, China Unicom launched the world cup zone of woportal, which provides exclusive live channels for Formula 1 racing users to watch the World Cup events, and has been widely praised by 3G users

3g applications have begun to be popularized in China. Based on the advantages of WCDMA 3G network, China Unicom enables more and more users to enjoy the wonderful life in the era of mobile Internet anytime and anywhere. Communication world

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