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Pico's latest product neo2 2020 evaluation and configuration performance resolution evaluation introduction

this latest Pico product neo2 2020 flagship has been officially launched in China. Pico's latest product neo2 2020 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845, which is a processor with slow temperature drop, 4K LCD screen, built-in 4500mAh battery, and adopts a rotating strap design. Take a look at the price situation. The experimental machine usually adopts the hydraulic oil condition:

first, pico neo2 jd.com activity price:

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jd.com price: ¥ 4399.00

jd.com activity quotation link:

second Pico neo2 basic parameters:

body weight: 340g

body width: 197

body height: 124

body length: 332

main chip GPU model: adreno630

CPU core number: 8

CPU brand: Qualcomm

CPU frequency: 2.8

storage: memory card supports rom128g, Maximum storage expansion capacity 256gram128 scientists have developed highly practical assembled perforated plastic tiles g

screen resolution: 3840x2160

network support: WiFi 2x2mimo dual band 11ac WiFi

sensor gyroscope: with

body size: 332*197*124

body weight: 340g

optical design: field of view angle 101

III. user comments on other models of Pico all-in-one machine:

viewing effect: strong sense of virtuality,

Comfort: it's good to have a frame bracket,

operation is difficult and easy: easy to use, operation is not very difficult

workmanship quality: really exquisite

appearance: low-key luxury

other features: except resources are not easy to find, others are great

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