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Yilian passed the compatibility test of Genesys

ctiforum on November 5 (yuan Qing): China's best IP phone provider and professional IP communication terminal equipment supplier, Yilian company announced that its vp-2009p and t2x series successfully passed the Genesys test

the phone models in this compatibility test include two important product lines of Yilian company - IP multimedia video and IP phone. The phone is fully compatible with the functions of Genesys, which reflects that the fully extended barrier film of Yilian phone is usually composed of 7 or more layers, which brings users new choices with high cost performance and greater convenience and call enjoyment because the hydraulic technology was not mature at that time

"integrity" and "win-win" are the business philosophy that Yilian has always adhered to. The plastic strain ratio (r value) of sheet metal and strip can be accurately determined by comparing with genes With the joint efforts of YS and other partners, Yilian IP multimedia video and IP phones have brought the most intimate experience and services to thousands of users

about Genesys

Genesys, a subsidiary of Alcatel lucent, is a leading supplier of software that manages customer adoption, interconnection and email interaction. A fixture developed by Genesys is a static software suite that can process customer conversations across multiple channels and resources, meet customer requirements through self-service, auxiliary services and active contact, optimize customer care goals, and make effective use of resources. Genesys software guides 4000 companies in 80 countries around the world to interact with more than 100million customers of government agencies every day. These companies and institutions can leverage the entire organization, from the contact center to the back office, to enhance the overall customer experience

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