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Underwater robot: Harvard University has developed a new type of soft robot arm

1. Industry | underwater robot: Harvard University has developed a new type of soft robot arm

the Wyss bioinspired Engineering Institute of Harvard University and its collaborators have developed a series of soft robot clamps to handle delicate marine organisms more safely, but these clamping devices still rely on hard robot submarine arms, It is difficult to manipulate them to various places in the water

the new system built by scientists from Wyss Institute, John A. Paulson School of engineering and Applied Sciences (SEA), Harvard University, Baruch College and the University of Rhode Island (URI) uses gloves equipped with wireless soft sensors to control modularization. The soft robot arm can grasp and sample delicate aquatic organisms with unprecedented flexibility. In the future, this system can create a submarine based research laboratory, and all the delicate tasks that scientists complete in the terrestrial laboratory can be completed on the seabed. This work is also valuable for the application of medical devices

2. Industry | Intelligent Manufacturing: NASA uses ar glasses to build a new spacecraft

with the help of AR glasses, Lockheed Martin engineers do not need to read thousands of pages of paper instructions. Before that, the aerospace organization had replied to thousands of pages of paper manuals to convey instructions to its workers. In recent years, companies like Boeing and Airbus have begun to try augmented reality, but it rarely goes beyond the testing phase. At least at Lockheed, that is changing. Employees of the company now use AR to complete their work every day

in the AR glasses, the staff can see the hologram display the model created by the engineering design software of scope ar. In the future, technicians will need less time to familiarize themselves with and prepare for new tasks, and perform processes such as drilling and twisting fasteners

3. Industry | unmanned aerial vehicles: Israeli aeronautics company launched a new unmanned aerial vehicle system

aeronautics company is engaged in the production of various small tactical unmanned aerial vehicles. Its newly released orbiter 4 unmanned aerial vehicle has revolutionary advanced technical capabilities, including the ability to carry and operate two payloads at the same time, a 24-hour endurance time, the use of satellite communication, no need to use landing devices, maritime patrol radar (MPR), Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and contrip advanced XR electro-optic payload operation system

aeronautics develops, manufactures and sells unmanned aerial vehicles, manufactures advanced electro-optical systems through its subsidiary contrip, develops communication systems through its subsidiary commtact, and develops UAV engines through its subsidiary zanzotera. Recently, it completed the acquisition of chassis plans, which produces solid computer systems for security purposes

4. Industry | unmanned aerial vehicles: FLIR launched the black hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System

flir announced the launch of the FLIR black hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System (VRS), including the black hornet 3 nano unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for the global military and government agencies' vehicle operating systems. The black hornet VRS is adapted from the unique black hornet personal reconnaissance system (PRS), which is the world's smallest combat proven nano unmanned aerial vehicle system (UAS). The black hornet VRS enables soldiers to maintain situational awareness, threat detection and combat damage assessment, pre deployment route and point reconnaissance, and target information surveillance without the need for combatants to leave the vehicle

since 2011, black Bumblebee PRS has been stationed in more than 30 countries, and continues to represent the forefront of the fight in the field of nano UAS. Black Bumblebee PRS enables small combat forces, special police teams and first responders to immediately obtain intelligence and improve target acquisition and reconnaissance capabilities. According to the municipal ceramic aluminum office, the industry | Industrial Electronics: vaunix releases the latest digital phase shifter

vaunix Technology Corporation is a manufacturer of USB control and power supply test equipment, providing lab brick LPS Series RF and microwave programmable digital phase shifter. These low-cost, portable and wireless RF phase shifters are ideal for engineering and production testing laboratories, field testing, and integration with high-speed automatic test equipment (ATE) systems. You can program from the GUI setup phase, from the phase configuration file, or using the provided API DLL

this series includes the frequency range from 1 to 12 GH. Can we get reliable material mechanics process experimental scheme and complete set of equipment consultation, training, and relevant protection and maintenance services from the manufacturer? Lps-123, lps-802, lps-402 and lps-202 of Z can be purchased in vaunix. These digital phase shifters are powered and controlled by USB. They have calibrated performance and can achieve the best accuracy. They often use this method to evaluate the wear rate of main engine parts. The phase adjustment step is 1 degree to 360 degrees, and the increment is 1 degree

6. Industry | driverless: Renault launched the driverless concept touring car

at the Paris auto show, Renault launched a concept car for personal travel, which can also provide self driving, electric vehicles, car coupling and shared motor vehicle services. Renault said that EZ Ultimo is a prototype car, which can meet the needs of people who are looking for a superior ride experience. They can ride and rest here

there is a personal lounge in the concept car, the door can be opened automatically, the seat is located on the rotating sliding device, which is convenient for passengers to enter and exit, and there is also a table that can be used as a work area and a place for placing food, beverages and other items. Renault said that autonomous vehicle will help bring people more in vehicle experience, redefine travel time and provide new multimedia experience, and help people kill time during long-distance travel or traffic jams

7. Industry | service robots: anki integrated Amazon Alexa into its robot partner vector

anki announced that it would integrate Alexa into small robots. The company announced the news in a blog post

it is reported that Amazon is developing its own built-in Alexa mobile robot, which can follow users home and talk with users in more places

although Amazon's AI assistant has entered a large number of product areas, from microwave ovens to cars, it has not yet been placed in household mobile robots

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