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Unicom AI industrial quality inspection solutions help manufacturing enterprises with efficient quality control

Unicom AI industrial quality inspection solutions help manufacturing enterprises with efficient quality control

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with the in-depth implementation of "made in China 2025", the degree of automation of factories is now advancing by leaps and bounds, especially in large-scale production and manufacturing enterprises, artificial intelligence technology and applications have gradually become the mainstream

recently, based on the "Unicom smart industry AI platform" built by combining China Unicom 5g + big data + smart IOT sensing ability, Unicom AI innovation application center has customized and developed "Ai industrial quality inspection solutions" for a leading domestic automotive interior material manufacturer to carry out high-quality and efficient testing for automotive interior composite materials such as PVC, PU, leather, non-woven fabric, sponge, etc., helping the enterprise to comprehensively improve the automation of quality inspection Digital and intelligent level

it is understood that the factory quality inspectors of the enterprise have to do a lot of repetitive work on the assembly line every day, which is easy to lead to unstable level and it is difficult to avoid missed inspection; At the same time, due to the long working hours and high intensity of quality inspectors every day, resulting in strong overall mobility, and the supplemented new employees will face the dilemma of insufficient experience, which will also lead to the inevitable quality decline of tensile strength experimental products with fracture elongation and tensile energy absorption

Unicom AI innovation and application center quickly responded to the needs of enterprises, and completed the first phase of customized development in only one and a half months. At present, it has begun to implement the transformation and production of phase II production line equipment. After completion, it is expected to save about 80% of the personnel investment cost of the electronic tensile testing machine, with an average annual cost savings of 4million yuan

for defects with many kinds, different shapes and sizes, and random location distribution, how to achieve accurate shooting and high-precision detection? To control the roll speed and drawing force, Unicom AI innovation application center adopts two light paths of positive light ultra-low angle and backlight to shoot, realizing the clear imaging of most defects; At the same time, the multi model fusion algorithm based on deep learning makes it easier for the model to learn the characteristics of defects; Through the model iterative growth mechanism, the system can continuously improve the accuracy of defect detection. According to the person in charge of quality inspection of the enterprise, the accuracy of the main raw materials has been close to 100%

throughout the development of the industry, "5g + big data +ai" will lead the new era. The application of artificial intelligence technology to enterprise quality inspection has become the only way for the development of the industry. "Unicom AI work rule parison quality inspection solution for unstable industry", on the one hand, can solve the practical problems of quality inspection links for enterprises, while deepening the exploration and understanding of 5g, big data, AI and other new technologies in the industrial field, and providing valuable experience for the vertical application of AI in the industrial manufacturing field

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