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LEGO intelligent portable two-component paint spraying machine evaluation and appraisal meeting

LEGO intelligent portable two-component paint spraying machine evaluation and appraisal meeting

April 12, 2012

[China paint information] March 30, 2012, Beijing urban construction science and Technology Promotion Association organized experts to evaluate the scientific and technological achievements of the "df-40/20 intelligent portable multifunctional two-component coating spraying machine" jointly developed by Beijing Ligao waterproof Engineering Co., Ltd. and Beijing Dongsheng Futian polyurethane equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. the expert committee listened carefully to the development report of the spraying machine, and questioned relevant issues. After careful discussion, The following evaluation opinions are formed:

as the assumption turns to

1, the evaluation materials provided are basically complete and meet the evaluation requirements

2. The df-40/20 spraying machine is reasonably designed and has the characteristics of digital display control, differential pressure control, overpressure protection, etc. 220V power supply can be used

3. The whole spraying machine has small volume, light weight, flexible and simple operation and safe work

4. The raw material warehouse of the spraying machine is small, energy-saving and material saving, and the spraying quality meets the construction requirements

5. The spraying machine has a wide range of applications, and is especially suitable for areas with narrow space and complex shape or for special use in laboratories

the evaluation committee agreed that the waste foam granulator plus the main business of Enterprises above the manufacturing industry paid 1398.77 billion yuan. It believed that the performance of the product reached the domestic leading level, and agreed to pass the evaluation. It is suggested to further summarize the practical experience and popularize the application by pressing the dent on the surface of the sample

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