Shanxi, the most popular coal producer, strives to

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Improper "coal boss" Shanxi strives to be the pacesetter of the energy revolution

it is learned from relevant parties that since the first phase of the clean utilization of high sulfur coal, a key project in Shanxi Province, was put into operation in August 2018, it has achieved a cumulative sales revenue of 660million yuan. The project uses high sulfur coal and chemical waste gas in Jincheng mining area, with an annual output of 2.4 million tons of ammonia alcohol and 1million tons of clean fuel

more and more "three high coals" with high sulfur, high ash and high ash melting point, which used to pollute the environment, are becoming green and clean chemical raw materials through the magical "Enlightenment" of the energy science and technology revolution. 2. Efficient and accurate measurement. "Not being the boss of coal" and "striving to be the pacesetter" are the major ideas of Shanxi provincial Party committee to promote the transformation and development

Shanxi adheres to the road of "reduction", "optimization" and "green", pays attention to reduction replacement and reduction reorganization, continues to increase the proportion of advanced production capacity, and promotes clean, efficient and safe development. Over the past three years, the cumulative output of 88.41 million tons has been withdrawn, and the raw coal output has retreated to the second place in the country for two consecutive years; Advanced production capacity accounts for 57%; 23 state-level green color mines using computer technology, including Datang Tashan of Tongmei, were built, and the washing rate of raw coal reached 72.38%. The quality of energy supply in the province continued to improve

this year, five major scientific and technological projects related to "hydrogen energy" of Shanxi Provincial Department of science and technology are in full swing. According to the key work requirements of the Shanxi provincial Party committee and the Shanxi provincial government, the Shanxi Provincial Department of science and technology has actively promoted the key core technology research of the hydrogen energy industry as the work focus. Shanxi is implementing major scientific and technological projects in major technological breakthroughs in energy, coalbed methane exploration and development, and energy disruptive technologies, breaking through key core technologies and seizing the commanding height of development. The surface extraction volume of coal-bed methane in Shanxi accounts for more than 90% of the country's total, which can prolong the preservation time of products; The installed capacity of new energy power generation accounted for more than 30% of the installed capacity of electricity in the province; The power generation scale of photovoltaic leader ranks first in China; The layout of hydrogen energy industry is booming. Expand the delivery of clean energy in the province. In 2018, Shanxi delivered 92.7 billion kwh, an increase of 15.2 billion kwh year-on-year

as soon as the world's first panda photovoltaic power station was unveiled in Datong, it was on the hot search list of major media across the country. "Giant pandas" don't eat bamboo or coal. They only eat sunshine. The sunshine they eat throughout the year can be converted into 100million kilowatt hours of electricity. Shanxi's photovoltaic power generation base ranks first in China

after leaving the coal mountain and passing the factory inspection according to the factory requirements, Shanxi has taken solid steps in the energy revolution. In 2022, the transformation and development of Shanxi will make breakthrough progress, and the transformation and development will be fully completed by 2030. In the new era and new goals, Shanxi Province has shown a positive trend of active transformation, innovative transformation, in-depth transformation and comprehensive transformation

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