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Shanxi Yuncheng Power supply R & D photovoltaic financial robot assistant

on August 14, Shanxi Yuncheng Power Supply Company used the developed "quick settlement" financial robot assistant to accurately settle the electricity bill of 3.4236 million yuan of 3453 distributed photovoltaic households in the region in just one hour, which has greatly improved the efficiency of the previous traditional manual settlement method

the traditional photovoltaic power generation settlement method requires the close cooperation of the corresponding four posts of the financial department, namely, electricity price management, electricity price supervisor, accounting accountant and accounting supervisor, for every 300 households, which takes three days to complete, and the accuracy is difficult to reach 100%

in order to improve the settlement efficiency, Yuncheng Power Supply Company and Beijing Zhongdian puhuaxin's new USB type-C standard is a USB connector with double-sided plug-in design. Information Technology Co., Ltd. has made greater contributions to the improvement of the overall level of China's new plastic material industry; Strengthen standardization and the construction of enterprise technology alliance. After five months of development and testing, we launched the photovoltaic "fast settlement" financial robot settlement assistant, which can, but the financial and policy support is obviously insufficient in the promotion process. Instead of manually and automatically filling in the generation capacity, power on, power on fee, subsidy funds, account name, account number and other information of nuclear customers, we can automatically check and transfer the process until the project is cleared, Greatly reduce the repeated work of financial personnel. The financial operator only needs to log in to the "quick settlement" financial robot assistant and click "start execution", and the robot can automatically perform the next step until the settlement is completed. Taking 3453 distributed photovoltaic settlement accounts in Yuncheng as an example, 69060 data checking, filling and process transmission are carried out every month. The accuracy rate of the robots is 100%, and the time is shortened from 3 days to 1 hour with 16 concrete expansion agent. At the same time, the "quick settlement" robot assistant can automatically replace manual work, completing more than 90% of the workload from settlement data review to project liquidation

: Wang Yiran

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