Shanxi has issued eight new policies to promote th

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Shanxi has issued eight new policies to promote the development of agricultural mechanization

Shanxi has issued eight new policies to promote the development of carbon nanotube fiber materials available for agriculture, and only a few industries have mechanized development

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Guide: in the past two years, while the country has significantly increased investment in agricultural machinery, Shanxi Province has issued eight new policies, with a total of more than 200million yuan of funds, to support farmers to buy advanced, efficient Agricultural machinery suitable for the needs of the whole province, and promote the development of agricultural mechanization. According to Wang Liwei, director of Shanxi Agricultural Machinery Bureau, from the number of funds

in the past two years, while the state has significantly increased investment in agricultural machinery, Shanxi Province has successively issued eight new policies, with a total allocation of more than 200million yuan, to support farmers to purchase advanced, efficient and suitable agricultural machinery for the needs of the province, and promote the development of agricultural mechanization. According to Wang Liwei, director of Shanxi Agricultural Machinery Bureau, in terms of the amount of funds and the strength of policies, Shanxi's support for agricultural mechanization has shown a trend of increasing year by year in recent years. The introduction and implementation of these new policies have shown a strong pulling effect. In the past two years, the province has added more than 140000 agricultural machines and tools of various types, doubled the number of corn harvesting and potato sowing and harvesting machinery, and comprehensively developed forestry, animal husbandry, processing and facility agricultural machinery. The comprehensive level of agricultural mechanization has increased by more than 3%, and the leading and promoting role of mechanization in modern agricultural construction has become increasingly obvious

-- newly added subsidy fund policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery. On the basis of the 35million yuan budget allocated by Shanxi provincial finance for agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, an additional 5million yuan of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies will be added this year, mainly for corn harvesting machinery, potato sowing, cumulative subsidies for harvesting machinery, and subsidies for small tractors with less than 25 horsepower. In the two years, the national and provincial funds for agricultural machinery purchase subsidies reached nearly 900million yuan

-- promote the development policy of conservation tillage. While 57 counties in the province were included in the national conservation tillage development plan and began to implement it, the provincial finance supported the construction of conservation tillage projects by 21million yuan in two years, so that the implementation area of this international most advanced agricultural farming technology with straw returning and hard stubble sowing as the main content in the Province reached 9.25 million mu, "leading" the country

-- reward and subsidy policy for key links of agricultural mechanization. At the end of the year, the Shanxi provincial government will award 200000 yuan per county to the top 15 counties in the comprehensive level of agricultural mechanization. The antibacterial plastic will be supplemented according to a certain proportion of antibacterial and mildew proof masterbatch, focusing on the operation of the corn and potato harvest links that affect the improvement of the comprehensive level of Agricultural Mechanization in our province. The mechanized harvest area will double this year

-- support agricultural machinery cooperatives and service systems to develop subsidy policies. In two years, Shanxi provincial finance and development and Reform Commission integrated 20million yuan to support the development of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and the construction of agricultural machinery safety supervision system. More than 400 "agricultural machinery courtyards" in the province have been and are being put into use

-- subsidy policy for mechanized subsoiling and land preparation. The finance of Shanxi Province has allocated 45million yuan of comprehensive subsidies for agricultural materials to implement subsidies for mechanical subsoiling and land preparation operations on cultivated land with significant effects on improving the comprehensive production capacity of grain, with a subsidy of 30 yuan per mu. After the mechanized battle in spring and summer, one third of the tasks of the whole year have been completed

-- subsidy policy for agricultural machinery operator training. The financial department of Shanxi Province has disbursed 6million yuan of special funds for the training of agricultural machinery operators, which is urgently needed in agricultural production due to the sharp increase in the number of rural areas. This year, the province will complete 30000 training tasks

-- subsidy policy of interest discount loans for agricultural machinery industrial enterprises. In view of the serious lag in the production of agricultural machinery industry in Shanxi Province, the provincial finance has disbursed another 1.75 million yuan this year on the basis of the funds already disbursed for scientific and technological research and development projects, mainly for the discount of loans for the upgrading and transformation of agricultural machinery industry in the province, with emphasis on 2 The jaw quality is poor, and the new agricultural machines and tools urgently needed in our province are developed and produced. It can help agricultural machinery industry enterprises realize loans of more than 20 million yuan

-- subsidy policy for potato operation and agricultural machinery demonstration project in modern agricultural demonstration zone. The Agricultural Machinery Department of Shanxi Province, the provincial poverty Alleviation Office and the provincial agricultural comprehensive development department jointly subsidized the Mechanized Sowing and harvesting of potatoes in poor counties, and subsidized the comprehensive demonstration of new agricultural machinery in modern agricultural demonstration areas

at the same time, some cities and counties in Shanxi Province have also successively introduced local policies such as subsidies for fuel operation of agricultural machinery, subsidies for agricultural machinery engineering, construction of tractor roads, and subsidies for straw crushing. These policies issued and implemented by governments at all levels have played a strong role in promoting the development of Agricultural Mechanization in the province. By the end of June, the total sales of agricultural machinery in the province had reached 1.05 billion yuan this year, of which 50000 farmers sought a balance between the invisible hand and the visible hand, invested 750million yuan independently, and purchased more than 60000 sets of various agricultural machinery

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