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This year, Shanxi Province arranged 416.6 million yuan of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds

this year, Shanxi Province arranged 416.6 million yuan of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds

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in 2017, Shanxi Province will arrange a subsidy fund of 416.6 million yuan for the purchase of agricultural machinery, which will be used to subsidize the whole process mechanization of major crops, agricultural mechanization in Hilly and mountainous areas, and processing of special agricultural products. It is estimated that 35000 farmers will be subsidized to purchase 40000 agricultural machines and tools. Subsidies will be launched in the near future

this year, the subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery in Shanxi Province has the following characteristics: first, reduce the scope, control the quota, and promote openness. The subsidy scope of the whole province will be reduced from 46 items of the previous year to 44 items, excluding two items: biogas residue and biogas slurry pumping equipment and submersible pump. Optimize and adjust the subsidy intensity of graded products, and continue to implement the policy of "double control of quota and proportion", with the subsidy proportion not higher than 30%. The province has implemented open subsidies for 11 items, including subsoiling machines, combined land preparation machines, and no till seeders. Second, streamline administration and delegate power, and optimize the operation process. Our province gives the right to examine and approve the sales of subsidized machines and tools by distribution enterprises to production enterprises, the autonomy to purchase subsidized machines and tools across regions to farmers, the opportunity to enjoy the subsidy funds to time, the amount of subsidy funds and the price of subsidized machines and tools to the market, and implements the subsidy process without examination and approval throughout the process. Third, strengthen information disclosure. The product information, production and marketing enterprises, fund use, application progress and other relevant information about agricultural machinery purchase subsidies will be made public in the provincial agricultural mechanization information and the government information of all cities and counties to ensure that product development is not hindered, and will be subject to social supervision

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