Shanxi, the hottest coal province, reads ecologica

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On May 7, on the hillside of Yuping Township, Linxian County, Shanxi Province, members of Wensheng poverty alleviation and afforestation professional cooperative were busy preparing the land and digging holes

"at this time last year, we were still worried about whether the crops planted in the field could have a harvest. But this year, we just withdrew the land and planted trees, and we had income." Qin Jinping, a poor household, said

returning farmland to forests is only one link of ecological construction in Shanxi. In order to build a good ecological landscape, Shanxi Province, a major coal province, has analyzed the evolution law of decarburization microstructure, which is frequently called out. According to the 2017 national ecological and meteorological Bulletin released not long ago, the improvement rate of ecological quality of vegetation in Shanxi ranks first in the country

this year, 1.95 million mu of farmland will be converted to forests

the improvement of ecological quality in Shanxi Province, on the one hand, benefits from the continuous implementation of major ecological protection and restoration projects such as returning farmland to forests and grasslands and afforestation in the province; On the other hand, it is closely related to meteorological conditions such as precipitation. The growth of precipitation provides good natural conditions for vegetation growth

in order to achieve the provincial goal of returning farmland to forests of 1.95 million mu this year, the province will add 300 yuan per mu to farmers returning farmland on the basis of national subsidy standards, 400 yuan per mu to afforestation subsidies in poor counties, and 100 yuan per mu to afforestation subsidies in non poor counties. Shanxi provincial Afforestation Bureau issued the "notice on fully promoting the work of returning farmland to forests", and all counties have also taken various measures to promote the return of farmland to forests according to local conditions

in addition, Shanxi also expanded the development and utilization of cloud water resources in the air, and timely carried out more than 2000 Aircraft Artificial Precipitation operations, with a total precipitation increase of more than 35 billion cubic meters, accounting for 1/6 of the total amount of the country in the same period. High frequency and three-dimensional weather modification has made positive contributions to effectively increase natural precipitation and improve the ecological environment

launch the special environmental protection project for drinking water source areas

in May this year, Taiyuan took the lead in issuing the "Regulations on ecological environment protection" in the country, which was officially implemented. The regulation gives more legal means to environmental protection in terms of protecting the ecological environment, maintaining water conservation, water and soil conservation functions, and protecting biodiversity

the regulation focuses on the ecological environment protection of the eastern and western mountains and the Fenhe River Basin, and stipulates that the Taiyuan Municipal People's government should integrate all kinds of financial investment in ecological environment protection, establish a unified special fund for ecological environment protection, and include it into the annual financial budget for the ecological environment protection, restoration, management and compensation of the eastern and western mountains and the Fenhe River Basin

at the same time, Shanxi Province has comprehensively launched a special action for environmental protection of drinking water sources to carefully investigate and rectify the environmental problems of surface drinking water sources above the county level. The special action involves surface drinking water sources in 7 cities and 18 counties (cities, districts) of the province

up to now, environmental protection departments at all levels have found problems such as coal mine air shafts and traffic crossings in the secondary protection zone of drinking water sources. It is reported that Shanxi will establish a list of the problems found and publish it to the public. At present, all parts of the province are seriously formulating rectification plans and further clarifying specific measures in accordance with the principle of "one water source, one set of plans, and one focus to the end". This is also the most important. Gb/t16825 (1) 997 "inspection of tensile testing machine" is the longest existing construction, task division, time node, unit and person, so as to ensure that the special rectification of environmental protection of county-level centralized drinking water sources is fully completed by the end of this year, Ensure the safety of drinking water

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