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One week's market dynamics of Shengze Jiaxing nylon yarn (09..19)

one week is applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials. The upstream raw material price of nylon yarn continues to fluctuate, and the domestic CPL price reaches 22000 yuan/t; Nylon 6 chip filament grade (conventional spinning) spot price is 24000 yuan/t. Supported by the price of upstream raw materials, the price of nylon filament in Shengze and Jiaxing has fluctuated and moved up this week. However, the volume of steel skylight jg/t 3004 ⑴ 993 hanging on the steel skylight in the market has not been enlarged. The nylon filament in Shengze and Jiaxing shows a trend of "stable volume and slight price rise", and the sales of nylon varieties in the market are sluggish

judging from the tear test of the nylon electronic universal testing machine in the two cities in order to calculate the tear strength value and the trend of silk varieties, the sales volume of nylon air variant silk 160D is not bad this week, mainly thanks to the downstream "tasilon" series, which can make the use of the experimental system safe, reliable and good production and marketing conditions. The trading volume of semi gloss nylon monofilament market continues to rise, among which 30d semi gloss nylon monofilament Market is popular, and it mainly produces nylon interwoven "headscarf yarn". The 70d/24f and 100d/36f nylon-6fdy markets are still at the top of the trading list, but the trading is in a cautious state of "small batch and multi batch", and the trading volume is basically the same as that of the previous week. For example, the quotation of 70d/24f nylon-6fdy (domestic) has reached about 28000 yuan/t this week. Recently, the demand for nylon fdy70d full matting shows signs of slight decline, mainly due to the impact of polyester matting yarn 68D. Due to the high price of nylon fdy70d full matting, the profit of producing matting nylon yarn is not as good as that of matting polyester taffeta, so some downstream weaving has changed to matting polyester taffeta production. Recently, the downstream demand of nylon-6fdy210td in the market has increased, and the price is about 27500 yuan/t, up 200 yuan/t from last week's price. The reasons are as follows: first, the air-jet brocade cotton bag fabric has a good sales trend and the increment of machine production; The second is that the trading volume of sweaters in the market will rise accordingly

from the downstream market situation, the market share of nylon polyester woven fabrics is gradually rising, but the production of nylon polyester woven fabrics is relatively large, and the nylon woven fabric mills also began to carefully regulate the production. It is expected that the trading volume will be difficult to rise next week, but the price trend may continue to "rise in stability" under the effect of the rising price of upstream raw materials

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